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updates after clean install taking literally hours

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    updates after clean install taking literally hours


    I have just clean installed my HP laptop back to Windows 8.1 and it started to download all the initial updates needed to keep it all running as it should which is fine. My issue, is that its currently installed update 47 or 114 and has so been running for just under 6 hours.

    Should it really take it this long to install 47 updates ? bearing in mind these are installed upon "shut down" to nothing else is running in the background.

    The machine is fairly powerful and has a 4th Gen i5, 8GB RAM and 1.5TB hard drive.

    What gives?



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    thanks for moving my thread - I should really have checked the various section on the site before uploading my initial post :-)

    its now on 62 out of 114 updates - how can it it be this slow ? wasn't there something about seamless updates on Windows 8's original promo materials?
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    Well I just registered to reply. I am having the same problem with this piece of trash OS. I am calling on Microsoft to STOP UPDATING Windows 8.1 because that's what they want to do is make us sick of Windows 8.1 and switch to 10.

    For the last few years ever since I had 8.1 there has been updates almost daily. Why? Cuz Microsoft is a bunch of losers. I guess I'm the loser for venting here but I have no choice because the 240 windows updates FAILED to even show the list and Windows Defender by itself (not windows update) has installed OVER 200 UPDATES AND IT HAS TAKEN HOURS AND IT IS STILL GOING AND IS NOT EVEN HALF DONE! WOW! WTF IS THIS WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F*CK IS THIS GARBAGE TELL ME NOW SOMEONE

    Upon installing a new harddrive and fresh installing windows 8.1 from the disc is apparently the worst idea one could think of. DO NOT INSTALL WINDOWS 8.1 FRESH FROM THE DISK
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    Windows Defender in the course of this entire night installed 75 and then 164 updates for a total of 239 and it's still going. Screw it all. Help me
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    Windows 8.1

    This is after a fresh install of Windows 8.1 ..

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1

    updates after clean install taking literally hours

    Seems like it's time for a Service Pack 1 for Windows 8.1.
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updates after clean install taking literally hours
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