Hi. I am helping someone who has a laptop with 8.1 who informed me they were receiving a message to schedule the installation of Windows 10 and there was no choice to opt out. She accidentally went to Windows 10 and I told her how to go back to Windows 8.1 and that worked great but the GWX kept popping up and she had to schedule again.

I logged into her computer and uninstalled KB3035583 as well as removing the installation files by using disk cleanup. I could not find KB2976978. Before rebooting it said Windows 10 is ready to install. Upon reboot in Windows Update it says Windows 10 has installed (which it hasn't) (in the listing of updates) but now Windows Update says Restart your PC to finish installing updates. We did reboot again but the message will not go away. When I choose Check Updates, it says you'll need to restart your PC to finish installing previous updates. I have the Windows Update setting to check but don't download, but I want them to be able to install future patches.

Any ideas to do a reset. Microsoft has a fixit program which I will be trying tomorrow. I know I can also rename the Software Distribution folder, but this person is very busy with critical work, and when I log in I would like to have all possibilities so if one doesn't work, I can have something else to try.

Thank you.

All my best,