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Server 2012 Updates Successfully Installed on Windows 8

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    True, but at MSFN, there is a user who has created a table of updates, and the links to find them. However no one has spoken about a cohesive package yet. It would need to be updated month by month.

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    Windows 7, 8 (Enterprise)

    Less is more, new is old... 8 is better ;-)

    Jody, I also signed up just to say thank you for the info on patching Windows 8 via Server 2012 updates, this is very helpful.

    One thing many people seem to forget is the web/internet is also about data persistence... ergo, our society has libraries, museums, and archives. A blog, post, or forum might be several years old, but the -information- is what matters and may help other people long after the original thread has closed. (e.g. repairing or modifying older vehicles, etc). I find lots of useful info in posts which are now 5 to 15 years old. You may not get much response, but this thread is being found and used...

    Windows 7 is currently our main OS, but we could utilize some of the improvements in the underlying OS of newer versions (kernel, IO, threading, etc). I've spent 2 years 'test-driving' various editions of Windows 8, 8.x, and 10 including 1607 build (it's a dog). IMO, Windows 8 is the only version which is fast, stable, and doesn't share obnoxious amouts of telemetry and personal data with MS. So, I'll be transitioning some of our machines to Win 8 now that I know security updates are possible.

    Anyway, thanks again for posting your results!

    P.s. I have visited your links to MSFN and downloaded the zip files for 2016 updates.
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    Moreover, it appears to work with the new unified update model that Windows Server 2012 has adopted. So it appears I'm still good.
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    Just something worthwhile to add: Server 2012 updates are not being affected by all of the CPU-blocking schemes that exist when updating either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. So in this respect, Windows 8 is unaffected.

    And since extended-phase support for Server 2012 has been extended to October 2023, that adds to the longevity for updating Windows 8.

    More than a year in, and still updating strong.
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    Well, I guess I should stop updating this thread, since I'm now the only one posting. The May 2017 updates went on without a hitch. I suppose if there is no further interest, I'll leave it at that, and you can join us over at MSFN for more updates on Windows 8 RTM updating.
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Server 2012 Updates Successfully Installed on Windows 8
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