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Windows Update Error Code 80244019 Issues.

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    Windows Update Error Code 80244019 Issues.

    So this morning I opened my Windows Update tab to check that it had checked for Updates that morning. It hadn't. Okay. Check for updates. Get an error. Error Code 80244019. Okay restart Nothing. Nothing. Mess with 'Give me updates for Microsoft products' setting. Still nothing. Mess with 'give me recommended updates the same way as important updates'. Nothing. Run the troubleshooter. Fixed it. Once.

    Then I noticed hmm 'its retaining my hidden updates, better check'. Run an update check. Get the error code again. Oh for crying out loud. Run Troubleshooter on Admin. Nothing. Run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and SFC /Scannow. No corruption in either. Restart BITS. Nothing. Run troubleshooter again. Nothing. Mess with the settings again. Nothing. Run the Automatic Diagnostic thing for BITS and Windows Update from the site. Nothing. Run troubleshooter more times. Nothing. Running a Malware Bytes Anti-Malware scan. Nothing so far.

    What the actual hell is going on now?
    Granted I haven't rebooted my computer but what the?

    For the record normally my 'Give Me Updates for Microsoft Products' setting is unchecked, my 'Give Me Recommended Updates the same way I get Important Updates' setting is checked. Set to automatically check and download updates. I don't wanna update to Windows 10 so, I've been hiding the Telemetry update and the GWX update.

    EDIT: It just randomly fixed itself whilst I was checking with a Custom Scan of my whole system with Malware Bytes. Got it to work, hid the two updates again. Super weird. Intermittent issue with the servers???

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    The issue is now back. It worked fine for a day, then this morning it happened again. I tried messing with the microsoft products update settings to see if that'd fix it? Nope. In fact it made my hidden updates disappear entirely and claim I hadn't checked for updates ever. What the heck is going on? Did an Windows Update utterly mess up my Windows Update or something???

    EDIT: Ran Troubleshooter. Didn't work. Rebooted my machine. Waited a bit after rebooting. Then checked? Suddenly worked. I am pretty certain this is a server side issue with the update servers cause this is getting a bit dumb.
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    I keep having the same problem every few days - see Error 80244019 - Windows could not search for new updates

    Is there a problem with Micosoft's update servers or our PCs?
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    I'm assuming there is given what I've done to 'try' and fix the issue, only for it to fix itself after about half an hour. I eventually just done even try all the methods and just wait half an hour now cause I'm darned sure its not on my end now.
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Windows Update Error Code 80244019 Issues.
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