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Couple Owns Two Similar Laptops that sees Changes Undone!

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    Couple Owns Two Similar Laptops that sees Changes Undone!

    Here's a first while no Windows 10 app update has been a problem to this day. The two similar but not exact same model Toshiba laptops are running into the exact same problem however but under different circumstances.

    First both the father and mother of the two sons end up loaning their 8.1 laptops out to one or the other teen. One simply browses to shop on the web or FB chat while the woman's laptop saw a new MS account created for Skype and while there is only one user account the son's password prompt will appear when going to make any system setting change while the UAC is all the way up. The mother's original and only user account was changed from admin to standard and then back when that was discovered as a possible solution for the problem to be described here.

    With both laptops while the father seeing the same problem are seeing failed installs on several updates over the last two months. When asked to look at the mother's laptop I found the standard account type had been applied and saw that corrected and then while it did take a bit longer for only 7 updates one being a graphics driver, another the WiFi adapter update, and then 5 other x64 Windows culminary optional updates go on they all seemed to download and install as usual. The laptop continued on with the usual motion of counting to 33% before the full restart was seen as always and when getting up past the 75% mark a message appears that all changes will now be undone?!

    A look at the Update history before the restart when the updated were still being downloaded showed by matching the update number had previously failed and now were successful within the last two days time from 12/30 to New Year's day! All looked well once the account was reset where you then see the two logon option for MS accounts when logged into the local account. The message is what has been seen now for the last few months not only on that laptop but the father's laptop as well while no change was seen with the admin account there and on a totally different model that was bought partly used off of a friend who didn't like 8 or 8.1 and wanted to go back to 7.

    Typically an OEM preinstalled copy of any version might see the option to reset itself with a fresh copy of Windows but not take freshly and successfully installed updates and then suddenly uninstall each of the same. This was a new one for me since I skipped over 8 and 8.1 and now have a dual boot of 10 with 7 on the main desktop and 10 Insider builds on a second with 7 Pro there.

    One thing I will add here is that I have never run into this at all with any other version of Windows as well as on other Toshiba laptops. And since this pair of laptops never saw any recovery media as well as them not wanting to lose what they have installed on each unit a clean install of 8.1 on each machine is out of the question. I have seen problems with select updates running into a problems on a few occasions but not see updates that finally do go on fully suddenly undone by Windows?! Any ideas? I already contacted the couple about the MS Fix-It tool for Windows 8.1 Updates found at:

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    Update: After conferring a few times to learn just what was going on and being seen the blame was placed the Get Windows 10 app icon seen on the Taskbar on some occasions while hidden at others for any number of reasons with the complaint being all this started when 10 came out?

    What was suggested for the time being was to change the Control Panel>Windows Update>Advanced settings from the automatic to "Check for updates but let me choose when to download and install" option until this is cleared up. After hearing from one that when going to the Windows update site directly the option for Windows 10 in plain view with other things off to the side while the man favored not to see the upgrade take place. When asked the reply came that the "Get Windows 10" app was on and needs to be removed. Rather then simply disabling the Get 10 app the following instructions for seeing it removed entirely are found in the guide for this at the Ten Forums for anyone running into this.

    OPTION FOUR Get Windows 10 Icon - Remove from Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8.1
    To Remove 'Get Windows 10' by Uninstalling KB3035583 Update
    The guide for this is seen at: Get Windows 10 Icon - Remove from Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums

    They were still advised to run the MS Fix-It tool since the 10 app alone wouldn't be the cause for what continues to keep rolling back the exact same updates or finding no other new updates available. I still haven't the chance to examine the second laptop to see if that is seeing the same or simply the Get 10 app getting in the way?
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Couple Owns Two Similar Laptops that sees Changes Undone!
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