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Windows Update and WU FIXIT still not completing

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    windows 8.1Update build 9600

    Windows Update and WU FIXIT still not completing

    My apologies for this being long, but it might preclude the same kind of
    tips on how to recover. I think I have tried the recommended approaches.

    Dec 27 2015 status:
    Problem machine: Wife's Dell XPS8700, 64 bit, Win8.1 as delivered
    I have my own 32 bit Win8.1 (clean install) desktop for comparisons.
    Both machines running IE11, Office Pro 2010.
    No problems with WU on my machine.

    Status of problem machine:
    Apps (Office 2010, Chrome, user apps, etc) run fine.
    General: Fast, lots of local disk, I7 processor, 12G memory, LAN attached.
    Restart takes way too much time, but eventually completes ok.
    Shutdown takes way too much time, but eventually completes ok.
    Windows Update looping on any attempt to download updates.
    Fast Startup = off, Sleep = off, Hibernate = off

    About two weeks ago updates started failing consistently, up to date prior.
    Started doing PD depending heavily on Windows Eight forums and MS.
    Confirmed status of file system (CHKDSK), contents (SFC) and Store (DISM).
    I have clips of tool responses, if needed.
    Booting at the appropriate places.
    CHKDSK /r found no problems.
    DISM /online /cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    DISM found problems, fixed them.
    SFC /scannow found no problems
    I have clips of the diagnostic execution and responses.
    Basically, a good platform.
    Win WU FIXIT tried at various points, never completes, loops.
    WU consistent in looping at various stages (downloading, updating).
    Got to the point WU would not even start (empty WU window, dead).
    Task mgr couldn't kill dead WU.
    Used an elevated command prompt to rename c:\windows\softwaredistribution
    to c:\windows\softwaredistribution.old (captured .old)
    Ended up with a new c:\windows\softwaredistribution folder structure.
    Ran WU, started as expected, said Never checked, Never downloaded,
    no updates, no Install History, complete list of installed updates.
    Checked for updates, new list, 47 listed, attempted single update download,
    looping, never completed, Task Manager couldn't kill WU, other apps
    could be started, executed, closed.
    Tried single update KB3114404 was Office 2010 32 bit, not security, small.
    Had to boot to clear running WU.
    Went directly to MS for the same update, downloaded, installed, no problem.
    WU now has one update installed, still shows the same update as Failed.
    WU now shows 46 updates as installed.
    Rollups in Apr 2014 and Nov 2015 show as installed.
    I'm at a loss. I have spent a lot of hours getting this far and WU still not working.
    Any suggestions? I have run out of things to try.
    Will doing things in safe mode do me any good, and if so, what?
    Is there such a thing as uninstalling the WU service and re-installing WU?

    Services: WU and BITS on my 32 bit machine show Running, Manual/Manual(trigger start)
    Linda's WU and BITS on wife't 64 bit machine show Running, Auto/Auto(trigger start)
    Updates on my 32 bit machine are all up to date (except hidden Win10 update stuff), no problems.
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    windows 8.1

    Found this page, but do not know if this is what you need.
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    windows 8.1Update build 9600

    FIXIT response

    Lifetec, That's the fixit that won't complete, but thanks. I decided I'm not up to doing the 'do it yourself'. I'd be sure and fingercheck something.
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Windows Update and WU FIXIT still not completing
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