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Our friendly KB3035583 is back again...

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    Our friendly KB3035583 is back again...

    Just a heads-up to say that MS seem to be pushing KB3035583 again, giving it a recommended status. When I checked Windows Update today, I found it waiting to be installed again, despite hiding it in the past. The update that adds GWX to your system, which is instrumental with pushing Windows 10. So, if you hid this update in the past, then you'll need to re-hide it.

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    Got the same. Hid it again.
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    Same here, and that was with the DisableOSUpgrade registery fix set to disable upgrade as well.

    It's starting to get on my nerves TBH. Tempting to just wipe the lot like I did with the desktop, but I'm waiting to see what Threshold 2 is like first, with the laptop lined up to be the test machine.
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    I believe that that registry fix doesn't stop the reservation and downloading of the Windows 10 update, just its installation. So, I think, the fix doesn't stop KB3035583 from installing or maybe doesn't stop the gigabytes of downloading Windows 10 installation files, it just means that the OS won't be upgraded. Still, all that downloading and wasted space...

    Best bet would be to set Windows Update in its settings to either check for updates but let you download and install them when you want to, or you can uncheck the box that treats recommended updates the same as important. That way those updates won't be installed on their own volition. Mind you, the second workaround will only work if MS keep on setting these Windows 10 updates as recommended instead of important. I presume that a security fix involving one of the Windows 10 type updates will push the update to important, so maybe the first workaround is safer. Just remember to visit Windows Update regularly to install security updates.
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    looks like it wasnt just me then, that said despite the update not being installed windows update still shows a page noting a reserve button until l click "check updates", this time rather than rename gwx.exe lve completely removed it, left the folder tho but changed its permissions making it unwritable, hopefully that might help stop any unwanted pushes of the Win10 downloader again by giving me an error each time it tries to install.
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    There's a long list of the Updates to hide to prevent not only the Win10 upgrade but also from MS adding the Win10-like Telemetry options to Win8x. Even though I've hid them, they keep reappearing -- so I keep a list on my desktop so I know which ones to "re-hide" when updates become available.
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    lm just glad l knew it reappeared as l caught it once l got my main system online.. havent had a chance till now to reconnect my PC since l moved (that and l was awaiting a UPS and for bad weather to pass over the last couple of days).
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Our friendly KB3035583 is back again...
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