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Dell Venue 10 Win 8.1 updates cause Secure Boot Error

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    Dell Venue 10 Win 8.1 updates cause Secure Boot Error

    This has happened on two Venue 10 tablets after the most recent group of "optional" updates. Rebooting after installation causes a Secure Boot error. The fix is to access the bios setup using a keyboard, turn off Secure Boot, reboot and go through the BitLocker recovery routine. The updates are KB3087137, KB3087041, KB3087390, KB3073874, KB2999226, KB3084905. KB3080042, KB3080800, KB3082353. I have no idea which cause the problem. Dell Support says that Secure Boot Off is supposed to be the default condition. Either one of these updates turned it On or it was always On and the update triggered the error.

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    I have the same problem with a Dell Venue 8 Pro running Win 8.1. This had been working just fine and the only thing installed recently were the updates you mentioned. I tried doing a system restore to before the updates, but it didn't make any difference. Just get a red box saying Secure Boot Violation - Invalid Signature Detected. Turning Secure Boot off in the BIOS is a workaround, but because device encryption was enabled (it's enabled by default when you sign in with a Microsoft account) it then prompted for the BitLocker recovery key on every cold bootup. Entering a 48 digit key every time is a pain, so for now I have disabled encryption.

    I think Dell are mistaken if they say Secure Boot Off is the default condition. It was definitely On already on mine.

    I do notice the device boots up quite a bit quicker with the encryption disabled. I will probably just run it the way it is (secure boot and encryption disabled) but does anyone know how to fix this properly? Would a full reset from the recovery partition put things back?
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    Just get a red box saying Secure Boot Violation - Invalid Signature Detected.
    the windows update is the cause - Invalid Signature for secureboot

    And as stated on the venue Secureboot is enabled by default.. Dell Rep mis-spoke
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    I have the same problem, on my Dell Insiron 3420, except I don't have bitlocker, and after a few failed startups, my laptop gives a 3 beep warning, indicating something is wrong with the motherboard, but when I unplug the CMOS battery and then replug it, my laptop turns on. Do you have any idea how I can get over this problem? I can log on to my laptop using a live linux CD but when I try to boot into windows it sometimes succeeds, sometimes doesn't, all by luck. Furthermore I already reinstalled my windows 8 operating system at least 4 times and this problem still occurs, any idea how I can get rid of it? I think it has to do with the updates mentioned above, as I installed them just before installing windows 10, which in turn rendered my laptop useless and I am really upset about it. Thanks in advance?
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    I need to enter the browser from Windows 8
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Dell Venue 10 Win 8.1 updates cause Secure Boot Error
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