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KB3069114 current update won't install !!!!! help ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TemiVec View Post
    Some days ago was released the update KB3096053 that solve the problem
    Ahhhh...I was fooled a-GAIN by uSoft's version naming - I see that the update you mention is for Windows 8, not for Windows 8.1.

    That update was not offered to my 8.1 system.

    Silly me.

    As such, other readers should ignore my ignorant post above mentioning how the original problem was "solved" on an 8.1 system...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TemiVec View Post
    Some days ago was released the update KB3096053 that solve the problem, and now it's can install the KB3069114 also by Update
    Thank you, KB3096053 solved my issue. I own five computers on Windows 8.0 x64. KB3069114 installed on two of five without issue, but failed to install on the other three. I downloaded KB3069114 manually, but it still failed to install. After numerous retries over many days KB3069114 finally installed on two of the problematic three. I manually downloaded KB3096053 today, and installed it on the one remaining computer. To my delight, KB3069114 installed on the last of the five computers.
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KB3069114 current update won't install !!!!! help ?
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