Hi Guys,
Before I upgraded from Win 8.1 Pro to Win 10 Pro on my desktop machine I made sure that all available updates were installed. I did this religiously for some time in the run up to the upgrade. All worked well, with the exception of the "Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB3056819)". This has consistently failed.

In Win 8.1 Pro I was able to hide it to stop it getting on my nerves, but it would occasionally reappear. In the end I simply ignored it.

Upgrade to Win 10 Pro went reasonably well. Fairly painless but, well. It's done now and I'm quite happy with the new version.

All the new updates since the upgrade have arrived and installed without any problem, with the exception of this Silverlight one. Only this time I can't hide it and it won't install or go away! Allways listed as failed.

Where do I go from here? Your wise advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.