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Stop Windows Update from installing Windows 10 Upgrade!!??

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    Stop Windows Update from installing Windows 10 Upgrade!!??

    This is just bizarre...I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 Pro. I had confirmed that I wanted to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro using the system tray "Get Windows 10" update, but changed my mind. So when I was told that the Windows 10 update was ready, I told the "Get Windows 10" update that I didn't want to reserve an update anymore. I thought that would be the end of it.
    So when I went to get updates today, Windows Update showed on the opening page that it was ready to install Windows 10, and of course none of the Windows 8.1 updates were preselected, why would I need those if I'm upgrading to Windows 10? Since I'd already indicated that I didn't want the Windows 10 update, this was strange.
    So I uninstalled the "Get Windows 10" system tray update and hid it, and deselected the optional Windows 10 update, and hid it, too. That should have taken care of business, since the Windows 10 optional update was clearly not selected for download.
    But now, every time I go to Windows update to try to get updates for Windows 8.1, even though Windows 8.1 updates are the only ones selected, and the number of optional updates selected indicates that the Windows 10 upgrade is not selected, the first thing that it says that it is doing is downloading the unselected Windows 10 update. I have no idea why this is happening and really need to fix it so that I can just get Windows 8.1 updates.
    The only thing that I can think of is re-installing Windows 8.1 and starting over, or installing the Windows 10 upgrade and then going back to Windows 8.1. Either of these sound like really bad ideas, but I just don't know where to turn on this. How about Linux?
    Does anyone know how to convince my computer that I really really really don't want the Windows 10 update at this time, just the Windows 8.1 update? Until I get this fixed I can't get Windows 8.1 updates, which is really upsetting me. Too much time wasted on this obvious bad bug.
    Thanks very much for any help!

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    Brink has a registry mod that has blocked GWX (so far) It has stopped the windows update download and GWX
    even after doing a clean install of windows 8.1 - I applied the .reg file and downloaded all the windows updates..
    GWX was download as the files and folders are there - but never ran and I never was shown the windows 10 update through windows update.

    Get Windows 10 Icon - Remove from Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums > Option 3
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    Thank you, KYHI, that's a really good thought.

    Since I've unistalled the GWX update and hidden it, this gave me another idea. I went through the registry looking for GWX keys. Found several that were not removed when the update was uninstalled and deleted them all.

    Then went to Windows update, and verified that the Window 10 update was still hidden and unselected. Only Windows 8 updates were selected, said it would download something like 250MB, so I said yes. The next thing I see is that cheery green "Downloading Windows 10" thing. So I cancelled the update, rebooted, and checked for updates again. Same thing, "Downloading Windows 10" appears when I go to download the selected Windows 8 updates.

    Incidentally, after cancelling the "Downloading Windows 10" thing from Windows Update, I go and do a system disk cleanup, in case any installation files have been downloaded. That apparently isn't helping, either.

    This is driving me up the wall. What's telling Windows Update to download the Windows 10 upgrade? Something on the computer somewhere is doing that, and I need to find out what that is.

    Again, thanks. I could re-install the GWX update and try this option, but given that it isn't even installed, and there are no GWX registry keys, I don't think that it would really matter.

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    Gave up, I surrender to Microsoft's master marketing strategy. I may hate them with a burning passion, but now my Windows 10 system is all updated and can be kept as secure as a Windows system can be kept.

    Thanks a bunch least I'll sleep tonight.
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    check GWX (Get Windows 10) Updates are messing up Windows Update - Microsoft Community which appears to have an answer although it has not worked for me so far but I have not yet restarted
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    Unreserve it.
    Set Windows Update to notify you but not download anything unless you choose to download.
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    Maybe a silly question but does anybody know if the W10 update downloads and waits for the user to install it or if download / install is one action which the user cannot interrupt? If the former then we could download and stay with W8 until ready to make the change over. I want to do that so I can be sure the initial bugs are sorted out i.e. 1st update problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by Polterry View Post
    Maybe a silly question but does anybody know if the W10 update downloads and waits for the user to install it or if download / install is one action which the user cannot interrupt?
    Download and Upgrade are different actions.
    If the former then we could download and stay with W8 until ready to make the change over. I want to do that so I can be sure the initial bugs are sorted out i.e. 1st update problem
    There's been no indication from MS that they are going to update the downloaded Win10 upgrade components over time. So, even if you wait six months, there's no reason to believe that the components on your PC then will be any newer than they are today. A better approach would be to (1) remove the upgrade notification and components, (2) download the ISO file you need with the Media Creation Tool, (3) save that file to your hard drive -- and then in few months, download the same file again. If the filesize is different, that's an indication that MS might have updated it.
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    I understand that download and upgrade are different. The question was does the W10 upgrade download automatically go into installation mode? Some programme downloads require the user to click an icon to start the actual installation whilst in others nothing further is required.
    I would like to do the download now and the installation later. Hopefully this would also resolve the problem of installing updates for W7 and W8.1 that I have on my computers
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    Not very long ago I got into trouble with an automatic download and install of Windows 10. Here is a link to that thread which contains a valid solution (there are three different scenarios resolved by the link the problem solver gave): How do I stop a scheduled automatic install of 10!?
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Stop Windows Update from installing Windows 10 Upgrade!!??
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