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My internet connection will not support 8.1 download

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    My internet connection will not support 8.1 download


    I have a brand new Acer V5 123 which came with windows 8

    the internet connection here is slow and cuts out once every hour, A manual reconnect is required to get back online

    I have managed, somehow to download the 1.4 GB of required updates and am now trying to install the 3.6GB needed to upgrade to 8.1

    this is impossible using the official windows apps store based installer which seems to me in this context to be the worst piece of software I have ever come across it has no details on progress apart from a tiny little grey/green line, no BPS, are displayed and when the connection drops the screen still shows it "downloading" complete with tick

    this morning for example when I went to reconnect the download which was who knows, 7% complete (no percentage shown either) it just disappeared When I reloaded the app it started from the beginning..... again agghhhh

    I have been using free download manager to get big files, it is brilliant and picks up wherever this flaky internet left it.... it would take some time but would eventually download the upgrade

    is it possible to get the web page address and download the windows 8.1 from 8 upgrade this way

    I live in hope and thanks in advance for any suggestions


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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabethg View Post
    I have been using free download manager to get big files, it is brilliant and picks up wherever this flaky internet left it.... it would take some time but would eventually download the upgrade

    is it possible to get the web page address and download the windows 8.1 from 8 upgrade this way
    Welcome to Eight Forums.

    Quote from this post: link

    Download the Windows 8.1 ISO image file.
    Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

    In Windows 8, mount the Windows 8.1 ISO image file by right-clicking the ISO image file and choosing Mount. If you donít see Mount command from the context menu, go to Open with -> Windows Explorer instead.

    Run the setup (setup.exe) file (see screenshot below).

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    The problem is still the bad internet here

    Thanks for your reply...

    The problem is I cannot download the ISO file here using the windows system, the one that requires you to click on a Microsoft link...... the download falls over, (6 times now) and resets to the beginning... it has just happened again and now it will not even restart...... I have been using a third party download manager which needs a URL. With that I can download for ever, but I cannot figure a way of getting that info....... it seems to me that MS have assumed the world is populated by perfect internet connections and made no allowance for reality.....

    pphhwww looks like I will have to get a road roller and flatten the new laptop, it won't solve the problem but it will be very therapeutic...


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    I am on satellite internet which is sometimes problematic. I take my laptop to the library or other public high speed hot spot if there is something not downloading right from my ISP that I really want or need.
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    The download links are in a file that MediaCreator creates when first run - it's called products.xml and resides in a temp folder - to get there one can go to task manager and right click Mediacreator and select open location.

    Browse the xml file for the edition/language/architecture you want and copy the .esd link to FDM.

    This will be the encrypted file - To decrypt it and create an ISO this tutorial should help.
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    Have you tried contacting your ISP to find out why your connection drops every hour? Do you have any other computers that share the connection and do they experience the same issue?

    Are you using wifi or a cable connection on your laptop? If using wifi, have you tried connecting via cable instead? A cable connection is generally a little more stable so better for downloading.

    A slow connection is bad enough to deal with but the fact that it drops the connection once per hour seems like the biggest issue to me.
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    Hello all, thanks for your replies, The issue is and remains the internet here, I am spending the summer on a campsite on a Spanish mountainside, the view is amazing, the food fresh, tasty and cheap, the people friendly, you cannot pass anybody without a nod and a ola.... the very small downside of all this is that 21st century internet technology is still on its way here.... the site ISP logs users out every hour, this is not normally a problem, it can be a little irritating, but as being on this network incurs no additional charges it is fine.. except in this one instance when I need to download a 3.5gb file...

    I have been down the mountain into the local town but the speed of the internet in the bar is not much faster than it is here, OK it doesn't log you out every 60 minutes, but how long could I sit there... it would need at least two and a half hours....

    I tried to download the ISO file I have the media creator file but that falls over long before it completes too

    This is why I wondered if there is a URL that I could type into "free download manager". This would solve all the problems in a flash.. it seems not though.....

    Our friends have a high speed (they say) connection but do not have a clue what the password is... it is provided by a man who lives in the next finca (farm) down the mountain.. when they can get hold of him, a difficult task by all accounts, they may be able to get me on line....

    So you see, all you city dweller and satelliters, I am, as we English are wont to say, knackered..... I have a back up plan which is pay a man to do it but that admits defeat.....

    why oh why is the ***** download so big.. and why do two different computers fail to restart the connection, when it does fail????

    As far as I am concerned if the software has been designed without dodgy rural internet in mind MS have their head in the clouds ...

    What is even more worrying is that I have another laptop, bought here in Spain, which did have 8.1 on it... I have signed up for the 10 upgrade.....

    there are two issues here... one is that just won't work, clearly it will be as fa as this user is concerned a disaster...

    the second is language.. this Spanish laptop has its OS "converted" to English

    In typical MS style this is an almost solution, bits still appear in Spanish though, for example where it should say "volume" it says "altavoces" and when you sort the charms by category those are in, yes you've guessed it, Spanish,

    I still can't work out if the upgrade will put the PC back into Spanish, or because it now has the English language pack installed it will remain in my mother tongue.... why is this even an issue????

    Seems to me the worlds largest software company need a boot up the backside.....

    Oh, was that a rant...... sorry

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    As far as I am concerned if the software has been designed without dodgy rural internet in mind MS have their head in the clouds ..

    finger trouble..

    I think this would be better saying

    As far as I am concerned the software was designed without dodgy rural internet in mind ....MS have their head in the clouds ..
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My internet connection will not support 8.1 download
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