I've got Office 365 and it seems every time there are major updates to Office and or Windows updates as was yesterday...

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Office 365 goes crazy and errors out if files ore accessed from OneDrive...

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This happens every time there are major Office updates Most of the times the issue can be fixed by going to Account Options and clicking update Office, which works, but we shouldn't have to do that every time there's and update.

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At any rate it seems Office suddenly forgets where files are located after updating and you have to physically go into OneDrive, click the actual file and re-link to a shortcut. In some instance you get an "incompatible" error as seen above even when directly clicking the file inside of OneDrive. You can ignore it, and the file will open, but once the file is closed when you attempt to open it again, you will still get the same error. Seems I may have to open it, and re-save it again

Anyway anyone else notice this issue? How do you re-solve it?