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This Window 8.1 Update is Absurd

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    This Window 8.1 Update is Absurd - Or Maybe It's The PC

    Was continually getting the essentially useless message We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. yadda yadda yadda. Updates were set to occur automatically, which I turned off because the 'undoing changes' pretty much wasted an hour of my usage..

    There were 11 (so-called) important updates which I started to do one at a time. The NET Framework 4.5.2 downloaded and installed correctly as did KB2929355. One other annoyance is that it makes you restart the system after every update, and after the NET Framework update / restart it said that I had only 4 optional updates needed. What happened to the other 10? I had to restart 2 times to get back to those 10.

    The third update I did was KB3025417. It downloaded and installed in almost no time prompting me (of course) to restart. This time it errored with that same message listed above. Going to the Change PC settings, Update and recovery, View your update history, and clicking on that specific failed update yields a failed update code of 800F0922. Microsoft handily provides a link for help with that code. Of course clicking that link gives me the wonderful news that We couldn't find any search results in the Windows Store for "Windows Update_dt000 OR 800F0922".

    Now it goes without saying that I'm not the first cluck to stumble on this particular update error. But MS acts like it's a total surprise. Why bother even giving me an error code if you have nothing in your data base about it?

    To make matters worse, I went to Windows Update in the Control Panel, then clicked on the Update History display, and then the Troubleshooter. I downloaded the tool and ran it. It detected 3 separate problems which it said it'd fixed. I then ran the Updates again (even the NET Framework was re-included for some reason). It reinstalled the NET Framework, and gave me the same 800F0922 on all of the other 10 items. Once the machine restarted it told me I was completely up to date. I then reran the Troubleshooting tool. It again corrected those same 3 items that it'd corrected just a bit earlier.

    I really don't know what to do beyond a total back to factory settings...


    I ran SFC / scannow - it said it detected some issues but was unable to fix all of them. Then I ran the DISM component store corruption tool. It detected issues and fixed them. I reran the sfc scan, it detected issues and said it fixed them. I then started reinstalling the 10 updates, one at a time. It successfully did the first 4, and then I got impatient and selected 2 updates. I paid for my greediness with the same old 'We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes...'

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    You certainly are not the first "cluck", nor the last I'm afraid that run into things like that with updates. It's seems like they do not line up updates in perfect order specially when one update requires another one to work. One of workarounds is to try them in different order and/or check what each one is for. Lastly, not all of those "Important" updates are important for everyone, a lot of them I sidestep and hide because I don't need or want them.
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    I maintain a lot of computers at work. With new images, I rarely ever have problems with updates. The ones which have trouble from time to time are users machines where malware can exist, or other factors that throw a money wrench into the mix.
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This Window 8.1 Update is Absurd
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