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Windows Update stuck at "0 kb total, 0% downloaded"

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

    Windows Update stuck at "0 kb total, 0% downloaded"

    I've got a Fujitsu Lifebook T730 laptop with Intel Core i7 and on board graphics. I have Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit. My problem is that I have like 60 updates to do but Windows Update always gets stuck at 0 kb total, 0% downloaded. I tried letting it for hours but that didnt solve anything. I also tried doing net stop wuauserv in cmd and that didnt work, I deleted Software Distibution folder and that didnt work, I checked if the Wifi was defined as a metered connection but that didnt solve anything I tried Windows Update troubleshooter and that didnt work neither. I dont know if this is releted somehow to the fact that most of my Metro Apps(Including Store, Mail, Foods and Drinks, Health, News etc...) cant connect to internet. Please help me!!!!

    (Sorry if this thread might have already been posted but I did many Internet Searches and found nothing.)

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    In control panel > system > does it show as activated?

    I also tried doing net stop wuauserv in cmd - after running cmd

    delete windows\softwaredistribution folder

    run windows update again
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    Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center x64

    My laptop recently has the same issue. Here's what I did and it worked. Just leave Windows Update going with the download and install, walk away for up to half an hour. When you come back you'll see that Windows actually updated itself and the restart pc is showing, where you check for updates. Restart it and run Windows Update again until no updates are found. There's obviously a bug in it showing the download progress. My desktop pc doesn't have the issue. On ly my laptop does.
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    Although OP stated he left it for hours..
    I will side note - sometimes on large update downloads the status bar scrolls - But _ the download status does not pop in until 80% download complete _
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    W10 Pro X64

    Also check the time settings. Sometimes if the time is not set correctly windows update will hang like that
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Windows Update stuck at "0 kb total, 0% downloaded"
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