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I could not get it to activate

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    I could not get it to activate

    Sorry guys this is not the thread I was reading to begin with but my question is Im running the trial version of Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9431 and I could not get it to activate! From what I read you cant get all the functions of Windows without it being activated! I was in a thread on here that says because its a trial version it doesnt activate! If thats the case then getting the benefit of testing out personalazation and other functions isnt possible! Is there a workaround on this activation problem or is it what you see is what you get! Just wanted to test out any functions I could to get the feel of of the whole OP System before I make a decision on buying a retail version of Pro! I happen to have won a key for a free full retail version of Windows 8 Pro and have dowloaded the ISO is it possible to load it on one of my other computers without activating it so otside of getting online just take it for a test drive ! Im assuming as long as I dont activate it then it wont attach itself to this particular computer! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Seems to be a lot of isssues with Windows 8 and 8.1 but thats from one user to another and what Rig they are running on! I have a couple of Rigs that have a little power to them and they are DIY where I hand picked the parts so they have some quality parts and so far tested 3 and Windows Compatability Test runs are excellant! Like I said any info would be greatly appreciated!! I new to the forums here so while I posting so Hello to everyone glad to be here looking forward to gaining some knowledge! PS Just to give you guys the heads up If you find me misspelling things, and at times a little confusing in my conversations, Ive had 2 brain surgeries so it kinda put a dent in my cognitive thinking skills so bear with me! I think they left some parts out when they performed the surgery and Iguess anytime they take a hole saw and cut a hole in your head its bound to make you a little STUPID!!! LOL Thanks guys Bill

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    Hi Bill, Welcome to the forum.

    Your cognitive functioning is fine.

    Windows 8 Pro Preview evaluation trial period has expired and thus is not recommneded for evaluation - you could still evaluate Windows 8.1 Preview though - as an enterprise version, but it contains all Pro components apart from Media Centre.

    Please see here: Try Windows 8.1 Enterprise | TechNet Evaluation Center

    As far as using your key to try Windows 8 , yes if activated it will use up an activation tied to that machine - it may activate on another, either on-line or by phone, but that's not guaranteed.

    Good luck.
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I could not get it to activate
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