Been checking out some of the scripts that come with the FixIt troulbleshooter.

My overall impression is that it's legacy scripts that have been slapped-dash patched for Win8/8.1. Maybe time we got to the bottom of this update-hell and re-vamped these (as the reason for for them not working may be due merely to poor application rather than the processes it implements).
Unfortunately I'm not that experienced in Powershell, but it's close enough to C# for us to get a good idea of what's processes are being followed (mostly simple WMI stuff really).

Perhaps we, hopefully there are fellow C# developers willing to help, convert the multitude of scripts into a fully fledged .Net app with proper user feedback and exception handling - by upgrading these scripts into classes etc - e.g. some error codes are handled specifically but it's all over the place - would be far better each handled via an xml file with a function assigned to it.

See this simple e.g. how wishy-washy it's been coded:
if($CurrentVersion -ge 6.2) 
    $Ispostback = ($true -eq (ispostbackOnWin8 "BITSDiagnsotics")) 
- if you gonna pass a string argument, at least make sure it's spelt correctly

Anyone interested please let me know.

BTW: It contains MS' permission to replicate the code subject to a disclaimer.