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Tuesday Windows Updates failing

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    Tuesday Windows Updates failing

    Got notice of impending updates, so I select all of them for installation -- and they failed.

    - KB3008923
    - KB3013769
    - KB2989930
    - KB3008925
    - KB3013816
    - KB3004394
    - KB3012199
    - KB2994290
    - KB3013410

    Error codes were mixture of 800F0920 and 80071A91.

    When I checked more info on each of these, I got an error message that MS had no details for either.

    I've run these three times, and it's failed the same all three times.

    I rebooted for the last time, went to Windows Update and NOW it says there are no new updates.

    Anyone else experiencing these problems?

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    Everything o.k. prior to this with updates, add anything new recently ? Any restore points ?
    Run a SFC
    Did you try this ? Troubleshoot problems with installing updates - Windows Help

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    Everything was OK. Didn't add anything new.

    Looked at the link but none of those are the problem. The updates fail during the attempt to install them.
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    I'm having a similar problem on my 2012R2 server. Just installed 3013769 among others and this is the only one that is sitting saying "pending restart" with error code 80242014. Restarts have done nothing. I've been having issues since yesterday's updates where I couldn't RDP into the VM for the longest time, now for some reason I can again after several some of the previous restarts it wouldn't would just sit there doing nothing...just said "restarting" for the longest time. I'm assuming I fouled it up by turning the VM off...but it's just been acting "weird" since the updates...
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    Same problem -- again! Offered 11 updates, 9 the same as before, and ALL failed -- with the same two codes, neither of which has any information at MS.

    Update: checked the updates history and all updates in November succeeded, so I restored from an image backup and redid the updates, and this time, they all worked! So, something happened between then and now to hose up Windows Update.
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    KB3008923 will NOT install

    Running Win 8.1 64bit and I was having problems with this Tuesday's updates installing - tried several times. Everything seems successful until the restart and then at 67% complete it bombs out and undoes everything. So I tried installing them one at a time and all were successful except KB3008923 and it still bombs at the 67% on restart.
    Have tried downloading and running manually (same results) and have tried the Windows Update Diagnostic Tool. The diagnostic tool finds several errors and says they are "fixed" but methinks it lies. I can run the diagnostic several times - either restarting between times or not) and it still finds and "fixes" these same errors. And no luck getting 308923 to take either.
    Running Norton Internet Security so don't know if it's got something locked out or not. I am logged in as an Administrator, so I assume that the Diagnostic and Updates run at sufficiently elevated privileges so I'm not sure where to go from here.
    Error Code is 800F0922 andI've attempted fixes outlined for it including resizing the System Reserved Partition in case it was too small.
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    Have tried downloading and running manually (same results) and have tried the Windows Update Diagnostic Tool. The diagnostic tool finds several errors and says they are "fixed" but methinks it lies.
    Know it's little consolation -- but I found the same results. My updates got hosed, the "fix" did the same things over and over, each time I ran it, and actually fixed -- nothing!

    I ended up having to restore the machine from two weeks ago and redid the updates.
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    Hope to Avoid Having to Restore

    Hope I don't have to resort to a restore. Have a mirror image from a 5-6 weeks ago, but have since installed MS Office 2013 and I don't want to have to got thru that again since it's a MS download and that'll probably mean a call to MS explaining why I have to install the product again so soon (their fault apparently). What a pain! Found out after this flared up that the default on Win 8.1 64 bit is apparently not to automatically enable System Restore so it's a good thing I used Acronis to make a backup when things were "working."
    Also note that I tried running DSIM today - it said it found and fixed errors - BUT - manual install of this update still bombed at the same 67% complete.
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Tuesday Windows Updates failing
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