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    Quote Originally Posted by adamf View Post
    Well actually he was born in Kingsland Arkansas in February 1932. I thank you for reminding me - I've been listening to him for half an hour now.

    Personally I find Canadians easier to understand than Bretons. I also pretend not to understand Parisians (I have a horrible southern accent in French) but that is just me being slightly childish.
    What about spelling in different parts of France ? any differences ? My French is not good enough to nottice.

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    The question of language is where you live and what you need to communicate, if you don't adapt, your not understood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuccii View Post
    The question of language is where you live and what you need to communicate, if you don't adapt, your not understood.
    Of course, but windows come in many languages and translations from one to other can be atrocious. Serbian language is easy to write in and read, everything is phonetic, every sound has own letter (sh = Š, ch =Č,, etc) but Serbian language windows I can't understand almost at all. A "file" would be a word loosely translated "data library" which even in Serbian have completely different meaning. Many other words also have wrong translations and it's not like there were no computers long time ago. We had an institute that was making mainframes and other computers since '50s, even own OS but terms used were nothing like English or any other language for that matter. Serbian is my mother tang, but I can't make heads or tails out of Windows localized in Serbian. Things get even more complicated with two official alphabets, Latin (Serbian) and Cyrillic (Serbian), I read and write both but computers in any of them are past my understanding.
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New Windows Update
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