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Forced Upgrade to Windows 8.1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Welcome to Windows EightForums, rob12000.

    They show up in half of the search results? Would you please post a screenshot of the search results? Perhaps your search is broke too.

    So far as the touchpad is concerned > Did you check for the latest driver?

    So far as the sound volume > Is there an OEM sound mixer program involved?
    App ads show up in all my searches. I call them ads because i don't have them installed, but search now shows them as a sort of unwanted advertisement to get me to the app store.
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    That's not really half of the results is it?

    If not desired, then turn off Bing search in PC Settings.

    I don't find it offensive for I may want to install a suggested app, but I understand that may not be your choice.
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    windows 8.1

    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Welcome to Windows EightForums, rob12000.

    They show up in half of the search results? Would you please post a screenshot of the search results? Perhaps your search is broke too.

    So far as the touchpad is concerned > Did you check for the latest driver?

    So far as the sound volume > Is there an OEM sound mixer program involved?
    Thanks for the welcome
    I tried updating drivers. I get a zip file, i click to open and get lots of different options, i click onto the what looks like an installer and it starts to install then says it doesn't recognize my system and stops installing.
    I tried removing drivers but they never reinstall and i have to do a system restore to get things back to halfway functioning.
    I messed with this for about 8 hours todays, installing , uninstalling, restarting, restoring and have given up for now. I'm using a handheld mouse for scrolling on my laptop now.
    It's kind of frustrating as my computer worked fine this morning until i was given no choice but to upgrade. In fact i was given 15 minutes and no other option.
    My sound mixer and driver are VIA. The sound doesn't get as loud as it used to and seems to have two settings, ON or OFF. there's no adjusting the levels.
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    I can understand peoples frustration on what seems to be a forced "upgrade". It really isn't an upgrade, but rather an SP1 update. This is really no different than past SPs. The title of the thread is wrong. 8.1 is really a good OS once getting past the hurdles. Yours seem to be minor when looking at others.

    If possible, it's better to go into Device manager, double click a device, and have it point to an .ini file to update the drivers. Or to seek online for the driver, which sometimes works. Rare, though.

    I must needs go on errands for awhile, however I'll keep an eye on this via my Lumia.
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    I hope you are getting drivers from the manufacturer's website & not letting Microsoft choose them for you.

    I made a batch file that runs the dism & sfc commands if you would like to try it.
    It may fix some of your problems.

    Or you can make your own---

    Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
    sfc /scannow
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    sfc /scannow
    The .bat file---


    If you choose to use it, download it & right click it & click Properties & Unblock it & then right click it & choose Run as administrator.
    Dism hangs on 20% for a long time.{RestoreHealth dism}

    Over all it takes about 2 hours or so to finish.


    The first dism fixes the 2nd dism.
    The first sfc may fix some things.
    If it fails to, the 2nd dism fixes the component store so sfc can use it to fix things.
    The last sfc then can proceed to fix problems.
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    Windows 8

    Left my laptop on while making dinner only to come back and find myself being finally forced to install Windows 8.1

    Selected the 4 hour option so I hope I have time to reverse it however the OP's fix didn't work for me, there was no option to un-install in store, only to download...

    Quote Originally Posted by lapabc View Post
    Please note that people post to forums like this looking for solutions, not responses questioning their judgement or saying everything is okay.
    Yes!!! thank you!!! I'm am baffled by some of these responses.

    Why I should have no issue over being forced to download something (especially at an inconvenient time)that is meant to be totally optional is completely beyond me. Very odd.

    I've finally gotten the hang of this Windows 8 garbage, if anything I would prefer a downgrade...
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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, Annoyed.

    Likewise people shouldn’t come on bashing 8.x either, for after all this is a support forum. Some of us are enjoying the experience.

    Reads to me like you should “downgrade” to whatever.
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    Windows 8

    Is this a microsoft affiliated forum? I don't think it is and even if it were I don't get how me being unhappy with a product I paid for affects you at the slightest.

    I can't be critical of a windows product?

    Again, very strange.

    I bashed windows 8 for good reason and several other people here are saying they've had significant issues with the upgrade, we should just grin and bear it huh
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    No it's not affiliated, but it is a support forum for a particular MS product. I know first hand that the members that are being criticized for their concerns about updating are in fact good-intentioned people simply looking out for the welfare of others. That is all. I feel they shouldn't be scorned for doing such.

    Did you not research Windows 8 before purchasing? I should think you nor anyone has a right to bash it if you didn't.

    Lastly, if one one has Windows Update set to auto, it's going to update. One should configure it otherwise if one doesn't want it to.
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    My experience with 8.1 has been good. I've still not upgraded my kids laptop and nothing has been forced on me there.
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Forced Upgrade to Windows 8.1?
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