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Windows Update can't check update

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    <<Was just playing around with Wireshark while I did a Windows Update. One obvious thing was this:

    Click image for larger version

    DNS settings: You can run the app attached to this post to see which is the fastest DNS server for you. Then you can manually set either your router or your network card in Windows to always use that for DNS lookups. In many cases, it is faster than your own ISPs server anyway.

    You can then also either reset the DNS cache on the machine or disable the DNS service all together. Again, disable is alright to do with such a fast DNS lookup you've found in the app, anyway.

    If some kind of DNS issue was the culprit, the above steps will definitely fix the issue.
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    Sorry to say it, but I still can't get Windows Update to work right. Did get a notice of 4 updates, and it did try to apply them -- but indicated that three failed. When I tried to check again, it hangs on searching. Hope this works better when the RC comes out.
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    Ya man, sorry I don't know what else to tell ya. I don't think RC is going to change anything. The WU works well for me on all of my 8 installs.

    Actually, I do know what to tell ya. It's a worthy effort anyhow. Copy the information to the patches you need from Windows Update and Google them. Find them on MS server and install manually. Then after all, reboot and delete the SoftwareDistribution contents as before.

    That may in effect "reset" your Windows Update mechanism. I've seen it work in the past.

    And also, I did run into a little problem where Windows Defender kept trying to get 64 MB updates and would not install. But that was because I used CCEnhancer to clear the Windows Defender I recommend not to do that to all unless you feel like taking extra-special steps to fix it lol.
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    Finally fixed it! What didn't work, not surprisingly, was the MS Fix-it. Downloaded and ran it, and it said it's not for this version.

    Then, I used the Win7 forums tutorial on resetting Windows Update with the two downloadable batch files. I ran the first to remove the history -- it worked. I then ran the second to reset WU -- it also worked.

    When I rebooted, there were no updates in the history, I did a check and this time, it ran and found 8 updates. I applied those, rebooted, ran a second check, and this time, it found no updates.

    So, it looks like I'm good to go with WU again.

    (I'm posting this from my Win8 CP session).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Phelps View Post
    Then, I used the Win7 forums tutorial on resetting Windows Update
    Glad to hear it! The tutorials on there and here are invaluable to the community.
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    I had a choice win 8.1 or Linux unfortunately I choose 8.1
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    Solution 1 from here worked for me: Fix Cannot Download Windows Updates in Windows 10 and 8
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Windows Update can't check update
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