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Stop Error 0xc000021a after windows updates

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    Stop Error 0xc000021a after windows updates

    Asus S200E notebook, Win 8 Pro

    I recently took in this laptop for my neighbor. The original idea was to scan and clean up the system. I set the laptop up in my office, ran an MSE full scan with no issues. Then ran a full Malwarebytes scan, which returned a few pups, which were removed.

    After tending to other matters, I turned back to the laptop to find notification that there was a problem and windows had to restart. I ran another MWB scan only to have the system restart again. This time, the system tried to repair itself with automatic repair. No go. All reboots ended up back at the advanced startup options screen. No ability to restore the system image, no system restore. All I could get to was the cmd prompt.

    Googling turned up all sorts of people with this issue (mostly older posts), but very few solutions.

    This fix got my system booted again by removing pending update operations.

    Apparently, an MS update is the source of the problem. To further reinforce this, until I turned off automatic updating, it would happen again. I also disconnected the machine from my network to revoke its internet access.

    So the machine is no longer having start issues, but I'm not sure which update it is. I have 17 pending optional updates, but those haven't installed, so I doubt they're an issue.

    I checked update history and there are 29 failed updates. All are dated within the period that the laptop has been in my possession.

    I think it would be quit tedious to hide each one individually, only to blue screen, enter the DISM fix, get back into windows and do it all again.

    So, I guess I'm asking if anyone has any ideas (or solutions!) on how I could identify which update is resulting in the stop error, or any other information that could help my situation.

    To muddy the waters, I've been trying to image the drive via Acronis TI 2014 but can't complete due to 'found disk errors' on C:\. Trying to create a system image from within windows halts due to disk errors also, but chkdsk reports no errors (from windows and from cmd). I doubt this is related, though, as there were some problems with that issue last year. I mention it only on the chance that it is somehow related, but I think it likely that I'll be dealing with that in another thread.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Just in case it helps, here's a list of the failed updates. Again, using DISM to remove pending updates got me back into windows. Turning off Auto Update prevented reoccurrences:

    Failed updates part 1:

    Click image for larger version

    Failed updates part 2:

    Click image for larger version
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Stop Error 0xc000021a after windows updates
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