After recent update, on our webpage there is No select certificate pop-up (windows security) for user after recent windows update, resulting HTTP 403 Forbidden Error.

This changes effect lots of our IE user when they try to access our webpage, but some are not effected by this issue. I've noticed that our webpage log come out like this:-

15/Aug/2014:11:02:50] failure (19239): for host trying to GET /cgi-bin/certquery.exe, cgi_scan_headers reports: the CGI program /ecas/pc390/mpki-cc/controlcenter/cgi-bin/certquery.exe did not produce a valid header (program terminated without a valid CGI header. Check for core dump or other abnormal termination)

Is there anything to do with CGI Header? What is it? Is it cause by some kind of improvement on IE browser?

Is there any idea why this thing happen?