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Urgent: Updates fail installation in startup, cannot boot

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    Urgent: Updates fail installation in startup, cannot boot

    Today I had 15 important updates waiting for me on Windows 8.1 so I decided to run them. After downloading the updates it asks to restart the PC.

    I got to the startup screen with the blue windows logo and the white dots circle spinning around. Then the "Updating your system (..%)" message appeared. But then, I got the following message:

    Fatal Error C00000B5 applying update operation 155 of 30953 (SMCon...)

    The white dots circle keeps spinning but the message was stuck at this.
    So I decided to reboot.

    It did the normal boot checks... memory checks... hard drive checks... DMI Pool checks... etc as its supposed to normally, but instead of going to the windows startup screen I got the following....

    Blue Screen:

    Your PC couldn't start properly.
    There isn't enough memory available to create a ramdisk device.

    Error Code: 0xC0000017

    Press Enter to try again
    Press F8 for Startup Settings

    This is a very strange message since I have 20GB of RAM and the memory check in the BIOS was fine indicating the 20GB present. So there is enough RAM for it to do whatever it needs to do.

    I pressed Enter and then got the same Fatal Error C00000B5 after it tried to install the updates again.

    I rebooted again and entered F8 and tried to enter Safe Mode, but it tries to install the updates even when trying to enter Safe Mode also and then fails. So I am stuck and cannot get into the PC.

    I need to know a way to bypass the update installation and get into the PC.

    I think I know that the culprit is the Nvidia update. The previous Nvidia update through Windows Update screwed up my system too but I was able to get in through safe mode and download the update directly from their website and fix the issue. But this time I cannot even get into Safe Mode because it keeps trying to install the update.

    Any help is very appreciated since I use this PC for my business and cannot get anything done without getting into it!

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    windows 8.1

    Ok seems like I've managed to fix it for now!

    I ran chkdsk on the C drive through the cmd prmpt that's available through the installation disk. It took forever but it did find some bad sectors. After the scan finished, I restarted the PC and it installed the updates!
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Urgent: Updates fail installation in startup, cannot boot
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