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Install Windows 8.1 Enterprise more than once on same PC!

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    Install Windows 8.1 Enterprise more than once on same PC!

    Hi guys,

    I have a little dilemma here but I guess the title says it all.
    I want to get started with WP8/8.1 dev and I decided to dual boot on my work laptop (Mac Book).
    The problem is I don't want to use my Dreamspark (OEM as far as I know) license on my work PC since it's an academic license if I'm not mistaking and this might cause some problems at work, and I also don't want to activate it on my 6 years old PC since I have some projects still going on and I'm planning on upgrading sometime next year.

    So my question(s) is simple: Can I install the 90 days trial of Windows 8.1 Enterprise and reinstall again, on same PC after the trial is over? Is this technically and legally possible?

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    Microsoft gives you only a 90-day trial. At the end of the trial, you are to remove it from the PC as per the EULA.

    Otherwise, you will be violating the EULA, and would be illegal.

    If you want Windows to stay installed longer, then you will need to purchase a copy of Windows to install and have a product key number to activate with.
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    Brink, here is a question for you. Would it be OK to trial Windows 8.1 for 3 months, remove it and trial Server 2012 or Windows 7 for 3 months, remove that and trial 8.1 again? Would that be "legal" as someone may want to do that to "get by till 9" especially if all the Technet subscription software gets deactivated?
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    Hi there

    What you could do because AFAIK it's not illegal is to create a WINDOWS TO GO from enterprise and the 90 day trail will presumably start from the day you first installed / created the Windows to Go system -- should get you out of this jam for a while.

    You CAN install Windows to go on "Non certified" devices.

    Creating a Non-Certified Windows To Go USB Drive » ADMIN Magazine

    Use the base ISO to create the Windows to Go system as per the link -- don't create it from your running Windows enterprise system.

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    Technically yes to both, but it is pushing the EULA.
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Install Windows 8.1 Enterprise more than once on same PC!
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