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Windows Update Failed/Reverting, But Stuck

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    Windows Update Failed/Reverting, But Stuck

    Windows 8.1

    PC got recovered on Tuesday, so had no updates on it. Installed and restarted the PC today, it installed so many percent and restarted. It then carried on installing them.

    It the said that the updates had failed and that it was reverting and not restart the PC. It was stuck like that for an hour. So I restarted it and tried to get into safe mode using F8/Shift-F8, but it doesn't work goes back to the reverting updates screen. I have tried numerous times and Windows Recovery won't appear either.

    I don't have a Windows disc. It is a Compaq PC and I can't lose any of the files.

    Can anyone help?


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    I had this problem when i bought a broken SSD haha! unfortunately, something got corrupted that caused you to lose important update files that are required to update! This happened to me, and Microsoft support was able to get them back for me, so if you give them a call, they'd be able to get it for you!
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    I don't think this a hardware issue. I think it is Windows 8 being s**** and the fact the old method of getting into safe mode is disabled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airbusA346 View Post
    I don't think this a hardware issue. I think it is Windows 8 being s**** and the fact the old method of getting into safe mode is disabled.
    I haven't had too many problems with Windows 8, but I do think you should give them a call.
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Windows Update Failed/Reverting, But Stuck
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