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Serious windows 8 bug - issue reverting updates

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    Serious windows 8 bug - issue reverting updates


    I work for one of the biggest PC retailers in the UK, everyday i setup counltess laptop and towers, these include pre-set up ones that are ready to use when the customer buys and also software setups for customers (such as personlisation, backup to usb, install all updates, create user names and email addresses, install office and anti-virus and register them)

    now on most of the laptops (and it only happens on windows 8) is that when its installed all updates in windows then it needs restarting, what happens is it gets to 99% (on the boot screen) and then states "failure to configure updates. reversing changes please wait!) again this is during reboot and not within windows itself...also happens when using LAN

    Click image for larger version

    this can take as long as 1 hour, sometimes more - the strange thing is though is AFTER its happened 9/10 if you retry it and download and install all the updates it will work..its rare it doesn't on the 2nd try

    Now this seems to happen more on ASUS LENOVO and SONY laptops and some HP's - the rest like COMAPQ, PACKARD BELL and ACER seen to be far as i can recall, i only work part-time but its all I do and have done so for 9 months, at xmas 2013 I setup some 400 laptops, and probably do about 30 per week currently, these are all fresh from manufacturers and need setting up.

    to me it seems to be some bug in the windows 8 software - MS have confirmed this happens but their only advice is to use system restore or reset...thats passing the buck rather than finding a fix as Im alsmost certain its a fault in windows8

    # can anyone help shine some light on this issue>?

    when I look online there are litterally hundreds of users with same problem...not too mention customers who didnt buy a setup and brought it back later with the same fault.

    Iam looking to get too the bottom of this and wondered if some EF experts could help?

    many thanks __________________
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    Hi Snadge,
    had this issue on my Asus lappy took about 2/3 hours to reset.
    didn't bother looking for a reason but there might possibly be answer in the events log.
    (windows>application or setup)

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    unofrtunately we dont have time to trawl the logs due to how busy we are...though i may try next time...but its catching it before a colleague restarts the updates

    this is what it says (during reboot)

    Click image for larger version
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Serious windows 8 bug - issue reverting updates
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