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Windows 8 Activation error "0x8007007b"

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    The Key in use is a KMS Volume License Key - and requires activation at an organisation's own KMS server.
    Ok. Thanks Noel.

    Where did you acquire this copy of Windows from?
    MS Over the phone with Credit Card. Then from a download. Not a disk.

    What exactly did you buy?
    It just said Win 8 Pro 64 bit.

    Did it come with a Key? - if not then you were sold a counterfeit.
    Yes it did. Product ID and Product Key.

    Thanks Noel. From this I fixed it. Called MS Corp. and they helped me with it.

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    OMG...You bought a Windows 8 Pro VL from M$? Seriously, you got to be kidding me!
    Nope. I am not. A error was made. Now with Noel's information I called MS and it was fixed yesterday.

    So let's get this straight...
    1. Buy a Dell laptop with Win7 HP pre-installed = OK Yes.

    2. Upgrade to Ultimate = OK Yes.

    3. Buy window 8 Pro with VL key from MS = Not OK ( the ISO is freely available as is the key...Why would they sell that?!)
    They took the order. Got a real product id and product key.

    4. Activated for 6 months = Not OK (how did you activate initially?) Just put in the product id and then the product key.

    5. Deactivated after 6 months = OK ( That's how KMS works - you have a 180 day threshold before having to reactivate with a KMS server again) Yes. I understand that now. LOL

    6. Come here and SHOUT at me... = not OK Was just trying to make it easier for you to read. That was all.

    7. Unable to run the simplest of commands.. being a system admin and all.. = not OK I read it wrong.
    Put an i instead of an l. It happens. Redid it. It was the same command that Noel suggested. You don't have to be insulting Superfly. People make mistakes.

    .. C'mon dude!
    I am not a dude. LOL Isn't that term meant for a male. I am a female. I meant no harm with putting my answers in caps. I was not angry. Sorry if you thought so. Take care. Pia
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    It's no use getting angry with us -
    I am not angry. Was not angry. Frustrated yes. Was trying to make the answer easier to read. That was all.

    we had nothing to do with your problems in their genesis.
    I know that.

    It sounds to me as if you've had malware
    No malware Noel. Very secured computer.

    that has removed the Product Key from the system,
    No, I ran Product Key from Nirsoft and it was in the registry correctly.

    resulting in it falling back on the default KMS Key.
    I suspect this happened with a MS Windows 8 update. That is when the problem first started after booting up. This was the fourth series of updates. Do not know which one caused it.

    The only way out of it is to reformat and reinstall the original Windows 7 and re-upgrade with the MS Key and download. It was fixed yesterday by MS and myself I figured out what happened by what you said and the command that you gave me to run. I sent that to them. It was a simple fix. They did that on their end. So all is well. Thanks for your help. Take care. Pia
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    Cool! apology accepted.. I'm glad you got it sorted... if you need help we are always willing... just ask if unsure
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    Okey Dokey. Thanks to you both. I am sure you see alot of activation problems here on this website. LOL It is all over the internet. Take care. Pia

    Thanks Noel and Superfly......
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Windows 8 Activation error "0x8007007b"
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