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Windows 8.1 upgrade fan issue

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    Windows 8.1 upgrade fan issue

    I have had issues with windows 8.1, specifically the KB2919355 update but have everything just about
    all straightened out and the machine runs good. HP Dv7t-7300 i7 3740QM with Samsung 840 Pro SSD.

    The only issue I have now is the fan runs full speed on cold start and sometimes, but not always, it gets erratic...on-off-on-off for a minute or 2 then it straightens out for the duration.

    Machine is completely updated with drivers from the HP site.

    I check task manager on start up and see nothing that is stressing out the CPU and I have re-loaded the video drivers and switched to older versions and back and forth and no change.

    I am not sure which way to go now. HP site is of no help.


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    If the PC running smoothly then you should not have to worry about it. It is normal for the temperature to spike up during the startup since it has to run many things ei. services, startup programs etc... If you are using the stock fan then this is usually the case to keep the CPU cool. If you think it's worth then replace the stock heat sink/fan with a better one. After everything is loaded and run then the temperature will drop and the fan speed will slow down.

    EDIT:You can also clean the surface of the CPU and apply a good thermal paste will help too.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Respectfully I would say that in this case it is not normal, unless one of the latest Microsoft updates changed the fan around and this would be considered the "new" normal . I have had a few HP notebooks and this situation started since the 8.1 install after all the updates. The machine is stone cold from sitting when this occurs.
    I know there are allot of services starting but there always was and task manager does not indicate much stress on the CPU.
    CPU temperatures are low according to HWiNFO64.
    If I want to stress the CPU by doing a virus scan that takes allot of resources then I can hear the fan come up on speed a little bit, like always.
    I can live with it if need be because the machine does run well so far, but it took allot of work getting to this point with 8.1. I had to revert to an older USB driver, Prolific to get a couple of devices to connect but that was the case since day 1 with Windows 8.
    Thanks !
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    The fan is silent on a hot restart or if the machine is turned off and restarted a little while later.
    Just when stone cold the issue exists.
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    Hi there. Every once in a while my CPU fan roars when waking my tower from sleep. It's been happening since 7 install way back when. Oddly it won't do it for weeks, but starts again. No one has been able to figure it out. I think it's a glitch between BIOS and Windows Power program. I've heard from a few others that have the same. I hear your concern because it is a new thing, but not really a big deal as long as temps remain ok.
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    If you think of it start up task manager real quick upon startup when the fan roars and see if you see something consuming allot of resources. Maybe your anti-virus is doing a root kit scan or whatever they do sometimes on startup .
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Windows 8.1 upgrade fan issue
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