Yesterday, after my windows 8 crashed a while ago, I managed to reinstall windows 8 thanks to a friend of mine.

firstly we did all the regular installations, such as web browser, vlc, and all the basics.

We then tried to check for windows updates, and it found 91 updates.
but it was too late to update, so I went home.

Then this morning, I tried to check for windows updates.
I then got this error message:

A while later I got this error message:

After the 2nd message, I did a restart on my laptop, and I checked for updates, and it worked fine. and found 91 updates. I downloaded them, and installed.

after it was done, I went back on my computer, i tried to update to 8.1, and it said I had to install updates, as if none of the 91 updates had been installed.

I then tried to run windows update once more, and then I got a 3rd error message:

I have no idea how to fix this.

anyone got any solution for me?