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Changing the windows 8.1 update "time" setting - How??

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    Changing the windows 8.1 update "time" setting - How??

    Unlike Win7 and earlier, the Window's Update GUI doesn't show the time setting (or the field to set/reset it).. How do I change the Window's Update checking time. Mine currently checks at 6:34AM and my computer isn't even on until 9 or 10AM

    Thanks in advance,
    PS: It's NOT in the CONTROL PANEL | WIDOWS UPDATE | Settings panel.


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    Shouldn't matter if it's turned on past the time set , it checks soon after being powered up after that time.
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    If the Update Control GUI says it checked at 6:34AM (today), and I didn't turn my computer on until around 9:30AM Eastern time, then the assumption is that the 6:34AM time shown must be Pacific time.. ??

    I can live with that even tho' my original question wasn't answered.

    Thanks for answering,
    Steve (Shy)
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Changing the windows 8.1 update "time" setting - How??
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