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Activation and validation problems - discuss

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    Win7 64-bit and Win8 32-bit in VM (+ others in VM)

    Activation and validation problems - discuss

    Since we don't have any Groups here, I thought it might be useful to post what little I've learned about the tools available for Win8 Activation/Validation scenarios.

    1) MGADIag will run - but is almost irrelevant, as much of the information it checks has moved
    2) The tool which is replacing it is built-in to the OS - as LicensingDiag.exe.
    It must be run under an Elevated Command Prompt (or Powershell) and requires two parameters
    -report <filename>
    -log <CAB filename>
    Note that it will run with only the -report parameter, and produce the output file - but that it will then ingracfully crash. I hear that there are battles within MS to get it to behave better, or to default on any unentered parameters

    3) The output is vastly different to that from MGADiag - and from what I've seen so far, is a lot less informative....

    Here's the output from my current VM
      <ProductName>Windows 8 Consumer Preview</ProductName>
      <TimeZone>GMT Standard Time(GMT)</TimeZone>
      <ActiveSkuDescription>Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel</ActiveSkuDescription>
      <Manufacturer>innotek GmbH</Manufacturer>
    Note the lack of a File MisMatch section particularly. I've had problems getting anything to come up in the TamperedItems section of the report without physically changing files - permissions seem to make little difference, and many of the files that I expected to be tracked don't appear to be, and the error messages that appear in the MGADiag File Mismatch section don't appear in the TamperedItems list when a file is detected as tampered - so you have no idea where to start looking for a problem.

    Obviously, there's no Office section, since the OGA program went its own way at the launch of O2010.

    As far as validation goes, it appears to be 'normal' - but the normal manual validation methods don't operate.
    Going to I get an Unsupported OS error.
    Attempting to download WinXP Mode, I get directed to a mess

    Downloading a WGA-required item from the Download Center, validation appears to work as normal.

    HTH - I'll add more when I know more.

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    I realize that this is an older post, but was wondering if there's been any progress in detecting pirated copies of Windows 8/8.1?
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    North Wales
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    Win7 64-bit and Win8 32-bit in VM (+ others in VM)

    Not as far as I personally am concerned - I have quite enough to deal with at present, with Win7
    Adding WU problems for SF has meant that I have little time to delve into Win 8 - and little inclination to try.
    I'll have to get to is soon, though, as the Win7 traffic dies down - which is happening noticeably now, at least in the MS WGA forums.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Thanks Noel! I'll keep my eye out for further posts here!
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Activation and validation problems - discuss
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