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Windows 8.1 expiring but won't accept product key?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfly View Post
    Yes, Core is not supposed to be volume licensed - that's a loophole found by using an exploit.. also the KMS server IP address is that of your local machine (KMS servers run on a LAN) - this further points to an exploit.

    You need a clean install from recovery - hopefully that too has not also been compromised. Then run that command again and let us know.
    How come that is all there?

    Also what is a clean install and how do I do it? Is it a restore of my laptop?

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    Your laptop has been activated illegally... please see the tutorials to restore your laptop to factory settings...Brink knows a lot more than me about those things.

    Don't forget to report this guy.
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    Blimey! I bought it from John Lewis a retail shop.

    Gonna go there tomorrow. What should I say to let them know this needs sorting?

    Thanks for helping me bud and everyone who has helped.
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    I'd just tell them everything in this thread, and that it has been illegally activated and you want a legal product key to activate with.

    If they don't take care of you legally, then report them to Microsoft.

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    Agreed, complain where you bought it. It's shady.

    Unfortunately, my suspicions about KMS were spot on.
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    I don't think many know what John Lewis is.

    Strange. Did you check your key in the firmware to see what it is?

    Run rweverything to get it:Download | RWEverything

    Click ACPI, then MSDM , key is at the bottom.

    You can check what kind of key by entering it in Ultimate pid checker.The Ultimate PID Checker
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    john Lewis

    This company is about englands 4th biggest retailer.
    Owned by its 1000's of employees no way its a conterfiet install,
    Man if you did buy it from them phone their audit departmart,
    You will get a new one they'll want the old one and start an internal inquirey

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    Wow, what a story, wouldn't have expected this from an official retailer.

    At some point, something went bad with the licensing.

    Hope it gets fixed.
    Good luck.
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    time zone

    Interesting that the OP time zone is not in England,
    would have thought that part of the validation woud be a geographical check??.

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    Am I gonna need to restore my whole laptop to fix this? Then when it is restored I put the product key in? Or is there an easier way?
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Windows 8.1 expiring but won't accept product key?
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