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Windows 8, failure to configure revering changes problem.

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    Windows 8, failure to configure reverting changes problem.

    Hi there.

    Firstly, I've read previous threads on this. No luck so far on a solution. Hence, my one comes with detail.

    I got this ASUS G46V Republic of Gaming laptop 4 days ago. It came with Windows 8.
    Problem: When it tries to install Windows updates on restart, it says Failure to Configure updates, reverting changes. It then restarts and the same message appears. I've found the only way to get out of this at that point is to refresh windows. I've now done this 3 times after trying different solutions.

    Solutions I've tried.
    1) Running the windows troubleshooter. It shows the following issues.
    Note, even though it says check for missing or corrupt files detected, when I run a SFC scan, it shows no missing files or corruption. Unsure why this is flagged. Anyway, when I click to repair these, it shows the following. Note: The same issues are detected everytime and the same "fixes" shown and it does nothing.

    2) Running a "clean boot". I've disabled every non-Microsoft service and turned off all startup items. I tried to install updates. Same issue. I note another thread showed the service Nalperion Licensing was problematic. I don't have that's service.

    3) Installing updates one by one. I've went through and tried installing updates indivudally. Some install fine if they don't require restarts, but tons of them require restarts and display error 80242014 on the update history details menu. I'm not sure if that's because these updates just inherently require a restart or not. Anyway, everytime this has happened (since my last Windows Refresh) I've uninstalled the updates before restarting because I really don't want to see the failure screen again. To be honest most of the update codes tell me to restart, I don't know if any are specifically the issue. Examples are KB2742614, KB2898865, KB2757638,KB2781197, etc. The list goes on. I've noticed when I restart after uninstalling, it quickly configures and doesn't display the failure screen but of course the updates are then not installed.

    4.Refreshing Windows. I mean, this is mainly done just to be able to get back on my computer, but you'd like to think it would help. It doesn't.

    Why I'm bothered:
    I want to update + I want to upgrade to 8.1, which requires me doing all available updates first.

    Any ideas/suggestions? I'm getting fatigued from searching online. Btw, laptop has no disk drive so I don't have a windows DVD.
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Windows 8, failure to configure revering changes problem.
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