I'm seeing that I'm not the only one with issues updating the Store apps with cryptic messages like "This app wasn't installed - Vew details... well I've done all the fixes that were suggested (clear the Store cache and sync licences and what ever else I could find). Nothing is working. I feel like I'm locked out of a part of my own system that I'm the Admin on.

On top of that I can't even upgrade to 8.1. Keeps telling me I need an account with Admin privelages. Well I am the Admin and have full rights to do anything on this system except, apparently, not install updates to the Store nor upgrade to 8.1.

I feel like I'm back on Linux but worse. At least on Linux I could allow for packages to be installed and upgrades to happen. I love Windows. It's my OS of choice but this has got to be one of MS's biggest security blunders. They went a step too far in their security messures.

On top of all this I can't really do much about this upgrade using Firefox, my browser of choice. It seems allot of the back and forths from system to internet are very tightly bound to Explorer and IE. When I tried to get the licences synced via FF it never took. When I made IE my default browser it all went smoothly but it continues to tell me though that my PC is still not trusted. I've tried that about million times and even rebooted multiple times to find that that stupid notice under PC Settings> Sync your Settings is still there after doing the sync PC thing with inputting the code that MS sends to me each time I try. Maddening mess!

If there is more help, please post. I'm at a loss here. I can't even force an upgrade and I'm sure not interested in doing the slip stream thing either. YUK. Never liked that process.