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    Win 8 activation

    Hi guys i bought a laptop from Acer and i was offered win 8 when it was due to come out for a special price so i did this and waited till win 8 came out and true to there word Acer sent the win8 disk.

    So i installed it but sadly i did not really like it so i wiped the lappy and went back to win 7 so i was rummaging about in the house and i found an old Toshiba lappy satellite L40 14n which runs vista so i sparked the lappy up and re-did the Tosh but for some strange reason i am suddenly getting loads of stuff that never used to happen ie not allowing me to update stuff or install for example Adobe flash.

    So i thot i would fire the win 8 on the Toshiba which works fine and dandy (so far) but it came up that this license key is already being used on another PC which i take it will be the Acer i had it on originally, so what i am thinking how can i get the win 8 to activate on the Toshiba or can this not be done as it's been used on my Acer laptop.

    If i can get it activated on the Toshiba i will probably just format it so it has only win 8 on it instead of the dual boot option but i do not want to totally wipe it before i know i can activate win 8 because that will get rid of the recovery option for Vista but tbh if it's doing those things i mentioned i do not really see the point in worrying about that.

    All i really want to do is to use the Toshiba so i can log in and watch Now Tv from sky to which i subscribe for the movies so if i could just use it for this option using win 8 i would be happy enuff just for that. thx in advance

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    Windows 8.1

    Hi, I understand that you are having a problem with licensing and activation. Contact the helpdesk and they may be able to deregister the serial from your other computer so you can use it in your Toshiba !
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Win 8 activation
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