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Remote Procedure Call is Stopped After Any Update!

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    Remote Procedure Call is Stopped After Any Update!

    Hi im new here and this is my first post. I am a MCP, MCTS, MCSA, N+, and A+.

    This is not for work its my personal PC.

    I have been having a problem with Windows 8.1 Pro for a few months now. Every time windows, java, drivers, or anything updates and the PC is restarted, after login, it acts as though its a fresh install. When everything is loaded, the start window is blank and so is the desktop. When I press the windows key, to go to desktop, there is an error. I can not remember exactly what it says but next time I update i will edit it in. It basically says that, "The desktop cannot be found." along with it listing the directory for it.

    So I searched for months and have not found a fix or a lot of people with the same thing. I did however get a clue about RPC (remote procedure call). I figured out a quick fix for this but every time there is a new update its back to the beginning. These are the steps I take

    press windows key to view desktop
    close all errors
    Services tab
    Find RPC (remote procedure call) witch will be stopped every time.
    Start the service (Witch appears to do nothing)
    Details tap
    Find explorer.exe and end the process
    Click File
    Run New Task

    After all of that the desktop starts to load and everything is back to normal except the appearance settings. I then restart the PC and as long as there is not other update in that time, Everything is just the way its suppose to be, appearance and everything.

    I tried just restarting Explorer.exe and it will just cycle and give the same error.

    I am sure yall can see how annoying the bug is. So if anyone has the same problem or a fix please let me know!



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    Have you tried changing the RPC service properties from manual to Automatic ? Could help .
    But most cases of RPC troubles are heavy malware infection wich stop the service even if windows starts it properly
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    yes i have tried changing it. I know its not malware. my system is very very secure and my server runs 2 am daily through scans on all my systems. The only thing i can find on it, is when it updates, there is a registry error for RPC and RPC locater. Apparently there was a bug from the windows 8.0 pro to 8.1 pro update than is causing this for a few people. however there is no fix yet, The only "fix" i can find is a batch file you can download that suppose to fix it. I scanned it and it was clean and it really did change some RPC registry values but did not fix it..
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Remote Procedure Call is Stopped After Any Update!
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