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KB2919355 Nightmares -> Sleep disorders -> Refresh?

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    KB2919355 Nightmares -> Sleep disorders -> Refresh?

    Story in short: KB2919355 failed, rollback hung, forced restart, restored from pre-KB2919355 checkpoint, now no power options (shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep) act as expected, Time/Date hosed, performance hosed. KB2919355 reapplied, reports success - and failure, symptoms persist. Long version below . . .

    Notebook computer "LIZ" is an ASUS Q500A, originally sold with Windows 8, upgraded to 8.1 some time back.

    April 19 I applied Windows 8.1 "Update 1" (KB2919355), thinking it would be wise to avoid the update being applied unexpectedly when LIZ (and her owner Liz) were on the road - in settinsg with limited time, power, and connectivity.

    KB2919355 reported Failure - I didn't find anything specific as to the error code, and neglected to write it down.

    KB2919355 attempted to roll back, and eventually hung - after reporting changes applied at 30%, only one lonely dot of the busy circle frozen on the pond, and no disk activity for an extended period.

    I forced a shutdown via the power button, and restarted. Eventually Windows 8.1 came to life.

    I wanted to follow with a normal restart, but noticed there were no charms - no way to bring them up. I also found the hotkey (Alt F4) failed to bring up the normal Power options. I resorted to forced shutdown's and restarts ... no change ... no charms, no power options.

    I performed a System Restore to an April 15 checkpoint, which appeared to complete normally, and charms were back.

    Next morning - Easter Sunday - I got a distress call. LIZ - hub of Liz's small business life - would not start. After a little Q&A I cancelled my Easter plans and headed up there.

    I found LIZ not dead, but in sleep mode and unwilling to wake up.

    I eventually disconnected power and pulled the battery, killing LIZ in her sleep, reapplied power and restarted her.

    Experimenting, I found the following:
    1) If LIZ falls asleep - or if her display is powered off - nothing will wake her up.
    2) None of the power options (Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown, Restart) produce the expect effects.
    3) System clock loses time - sometimes incrementally, sometimes in huge chunks.
    4) Most restarts bring the system up in a state for convenience I'll just call it "BLINKY") where the cursor blinks between the usual arrow and the busy circle a few times per second. Not clear what's eating resources.

    I changed some power plan options to avoid Sleep, advised Liz not to close the lid etc, and took Monday off for research. Tons of problems reports for KB2919355, many variations, but nothing evident a close match to this case.

    Tuesday the 22nd, spent the whole day in an effort to document useful reportable details. First tried to re-apply KB2919355, so as to document the failure and hang in better detail. It reported Success, and ran through its restart with apparently normal results.

    Update History reports KB2919355 Failed ... and reports KB2919355 Successful ... in close succession that morning. Only one of KB2919355's component updates (KB2959977) is explicitly reported Successful, but diagnostics suggest the others have been applied.

    Symptoms 1 thru 4 (above) persist.

    SFC /scannow reported a couple complaints on unused Canon printer drivers, I restorehealth'd them and SFC reports clean.

    Windows Update Troubleshooting Wizard makes equivocal reports about whether it found problems and whether they're fixed. "Error 80070057 Fixed" ... missing/corrupt files detected, repair completed ... Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service -- same results every time.

    Windows Modules Installer Worker seems to be working overtime, a lot of the time, but not all the time.

    I tried to develop a state transition diagram describing what power options and other interventions produce what remarkable results, but ran out of steam as the day wore on. In one case, a power-up opened with "WORKING ON UPDATES"!!!

    Visited the Answer Desk at local Microsoft Store, was advise to refresh - a long road (details skipped) to square one, from which point we might simply enter the same road to failure again. Considering a migration, not necessarily to another Windows device. Suggestions?

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    Disable Fast Startup?
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    Disable Fast Startup is a good suggestion, but no help, thx.
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    Windows 8.1

    p.s. Within minutes of leaving the MSFT Store, Liz got a call from one of those "We have detected a serious virus on your Windows computer" scammers. I hope none of the bright young things at the Store is selling fresh leads out the back door.
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KB2919355 Nightmares -> Sleep disorders -> Refresh?
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