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Win Update not recognizing shutdown from start icon

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    Win Update not recognizing shutdown from start icon

    Version: 8.1, 8.1.1
    This issue has been for quite sometime. Not sure if anyone else too faced this.
    When updates from windows-updated are installed (which requires reboot), the "Restart now" button appears after installation.
    However, I decided not to restart at that time. After completing my job I shutdown by right click on start icon -> Shutdown or sign out -> Shutdown.
    I started my laptop the next day and checked for updates, I still see the same page where "Restart now" option is shown. With this, you cannot further check for updates.
    Click image for larger version

    The shutdown from start-icon is not recognized as "restart".
    I also checked the update history. The updates installed the other day were shown as "Pending restart".
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    This is happening for quite sometime.
    Technically shutdown and start is to be considered as restart.
    When shutdown from start-icon is selected, what exactly happens? Is it not shutting the PC completely?

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    Run "shutdown -r" from an elevated command prompt (without quotes). This will invoke a normal restart and see what happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringUpdate View Post
    Run "shutdown -r" from an elevated command prompt (without quotes). This will invoke a normal restart and see what happens.
    I did try the Start icon -> Shutdown or signout -> Restart.
    In this case the updates are installed.
    The problem is only when shutdown is done.
    This is problem only in Win8 and 8.1. It was not present in Win7 and earlier versions.
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    Shutdown in Windows 8.1 is actually 'hiber-shutdown', (providing you have 'fast startup' enabled in power options), which essentially powers the machine down to a hibernation state.
    A Restart is necessary to invoke Windows' update re-configuration process.
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Win Update not recognizing shutdown from start icon
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