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MS agrees KB2919355 fails on 32bit Win 8.1 on 64bit laptop

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    Unless some magic fix turns up, seems to me the course of action would be to use an OS which is known to be 100% compatible with your particular laptop, and thus be able to use it instead of fighting it. About Thunderbird (and FF), MozBackup | Free software downloads at makes it an easy job moving stuff around. Good luck.

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    Hi, maybe so. Currently trying this: disable fast startup.
    Fix Windows 8 and 8.1 Restart and Shutdown Problems by Disabling ?Hybrid Shutdown? Feature - AskVG

    If Win 8 is not feasible, my aged Win 7 (still in place on a separate disk) could need reinstalling as IE11 killed 2 programs on that- which doesn't happen for others. It was working fine in general, but it's had a long history with stuff transferred in using Laplink PC Mover from Vista and earlier.
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    Hi 4wd, I wonder if you'd be willing to check something for me.. I'm just wondering if I've found a bug- it occurs when I do sthg a user wouldn't normally do, and it occurs consistently, with or without KB2919355.

    0. Make a system restore point (see later for why)
    1. From Normal mode, desktop, use the Charms Bar to do Shift restart into Safe Mode.
    2. In Safe Mode, repeat that. (Yes, Safe Mode from Safe Mode).
    3. Restart

    What I find is that there's a Win 8 blue screen message about 'encountered a problem.. collecting info..restart'.
    This may then repeat, or an Automatic Repair screen appears.
    Then a restart, and 'click' - power off.

    There's no way out of this that I know (I've not enabled F8).

    I get out of this by using the Win 8 boot disk to do a System Restore.

    If I can get confirmation, this potentially needs reporting.

    (My first indication of a problem was that I found safe mode failed after installing KB2919355- but it's not KB2919355 that's at fault- that was just the first time I happened to try Safe Mode)

    I'll understand if you don't want to risk this..
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    Oh, I find it kind of weird that the logon screen for Safe Mode can indicate important Windows updates are pending, and that you should do sthg about it.. which suggests you can in Safe Mode. Umm...
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    It fails for me too. I originally installed Win 8 Pro 64bit then upgraded to 8.1.
    It's a custom built PC and I had to resort to restoring to restore point 4 times.
    I also tried installing the updates manually in the correct order. I already had the 422 update and after only the 355 it reaches 30% then goes black.

    My specs are;
    OS: Windows 8.1 pro 64bit
    Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Formula
    CPU: i7 4770K
    Storage: 250GB + 500GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD's with the OS installed on the 250GB SSD.
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    Hi astrix, well, I've never seen KB2919355 fail to complete installing, but I'm now pretty convinced something I had installed gave rise to the desktop issues I saw after installing it- taskbar unresponsive, explorer crashing on clicking desktop etc. I've reverted to a significantly earlier disk image, and have all updates up to date.

    The problem with Safe Mode (lots of experience has taught me to check after a number of installs that still works as it's not as 'safe' as one would wish) that I've seen is unrelated to that update.

    Creating a similar configuration to that I had on Win 7 is taking weeks not days as I get so far and have to go back again. Now proceeding cautiously.

    Quite a lot of similar experience to yours - search "KB2919355 doesn't finish installing" etc as I'm sure you have.
    Cannot install Windows 8.1 Update Kb2919355. Windows Update Error 80073712 - Super User
    - sfc /scannow was clean
    .. more..
    Windows 8.1 Update 1 Failing to Install with errors 80070020, 80073712 - Microsoft Community
    - several frustrated people like you..
    Windows 8.1 Update Installation Fails with Error Code 80070020

    What I find worrying (in principle) is that Win 8 loses the ability to do a repair install (system refresh = 'lose everything but what you downloaded from the store' if I understand it correctly).
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    dalchina, for fun (lol) tried that 'double safe mode', got no problems, blue screen or any other errors here, could go to safe mode etc or normal boot at will. I still recommend what's in #11

    astrix, may be better to make a separate topic, this topic relates to an older AMD processor + 32 bit w8.1.1

    Sorry if I can't be of any help (3x 8.1.1 upgrades here, all perfect).
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    Many thanks 4wd - brave. Will maybe try MS Answer Desk (for fun??) but on the other hand, since that's presently the only problem, it doesn't affect me practically. Just so long as I can get into Safe Mode once then restart. That said, you could be right, in which case the OS (and compatibility check) isn't picking up the incompatibility. However at present the 'double safe mode' issue is the only thing I note.

    Could I ask.. after KB2919355, if you move the mouse to the top of the screen, does it still change to a hand 'pointer' as it used to - indicating you can drag the whole window -> split screen mode? Every time I've installed that update, I lose the hand.. but the split screen mode works perfectly..
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    if you move the mouse to the top of the screen, does it still change to a hand 'pointer'
    No, getting the new 8.1.1 bar at the top, & normal mouse pointer stays.
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    My KB2919355 failed to install this morning. 64 bit windows 8 came on this laptop, I updated it to 8.1 a while ago.
    Did the DICM as instructed as I pursued it. No luck.
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MS agrees KB2919355 fails on 32bit Win 8.1 on 64bit laptop
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