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Locked out of computer with failed update loop!

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    Locked out of computer with failed update loop!

    I just purchased this Laptop yesterday, was installing programs and updates. The updates finished installing, asked me to restart the PC which I didn't do right away because I was installing programs. One of the programs asked me to reboot into safe mode so I did. When the PC rebooted, it said the updates were installed 100% but then says SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF "Updates failed...reverting changes". This loop as been going on for hours now.

    I have had success in getting into the BIOS by pressing F12 upon startup. I tried changing the boot order to boot from my bootable startup repair DVD but it didn't work!

    I'm really frustrated and I hope my laptop isn't bricked on the 2nd day I bought it!

    Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated and replied to ASAP!

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    This is the 1st image of the updates being applied 100% upon restart of PC:
    Click image for larger version

    The 2nd image of the failed update screen:
    Click image for larger version
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    Did you insert the dvd & turn off the computer & restart ?
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    The startup Repair DVD didn't work but I managed to make myself a Windows 8 bootable DVD using an ISO file and that seems to have done the trick! I chose the "repair your pc" option in the bottom left corner when it asked me to install and then went ahead to click "refresh pc" in the troubleshooting tab. It's refreshing right now and I'll keep you updated of my progress...thanks! These forums are great!
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    boot using dvd. don't use uefi . boot from DVD Rom. and repair it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatur06 View Post
    boot using dvd. don't use uefi . boot from DVD Rom. and repair it.
    that's what I did but thanks haha :P

    halfway done refreshing
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    Everything seems to be fine! Marking as solved...thanks guys!
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Locked out of computer with failed update loop!
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