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How do I get passed a stuck Please Wait screen?

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    How do I get passed a stuck Please Wait screen?

    My laptop recently had some updates and it did its usual things but when it reached the please wait screen it Well... got stuck. It has been running for about a week and it won't get passed the Please Wait screen. I've tried shutting it down but when I booted it back up It was still on the screen. Any help?

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    I cant get to the Desktop/Start Screen
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    I cant get to the login or Start Screen or boot into safe mode. I tried rebooting it brought me back to the Please Wait screen. I cant access the "Advanced Startup Menu".
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    What version of Windows 8 do you have?

    Windows 8
    Windows 8 Pro
    Windows 8 Enterprise

    32 or 64 bit

    Did the laptop come with it or did you upgrade to Win 8? If upgrade, how?

    Do you have a Windows 8 install DVD or repair disc?
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    I have Windows 8 64-BIt. The laptop came with Win 8 and I don't have a Recovery Disk.
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    Do you have a friend or family member running Windows 8? If so, have them create a Repair Disc for you. Then boot it to do the System Restore: System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8
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    My Sister has Windows 8 but she can't make a recovory DVD sinceshe is moving back to the USA
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    What is the make and full model number of the laptop. You should be able to restore to factory state if you can't get a repair of install disc to use. The online Users Guide should explain how to do this. You need to backup any data you don't want to lose first though.

    I also have WIn 8 X64. I can create a Windows 8 Repair disc on my computer then upload it to my Dropbox account for you to use if you have any way to burn a CD/DVD or make a flash drive.

    Edit: Uploading Repair disc Windows 8 64-bit.iso to my Dropbox account now. Should be available in 20 minutes or so.
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How do I get passed a stuck Please Wait screen?
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