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Network failure after loading latest updates to Win 8.1

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    Network failure after loading latest updates to Win 8.1

    I am trying to get things going with my Dell Venue 8 Pro, and I go through the initial setup fine. However, when I do Windows Update the network fails to connect after the following reboot.

    When I look at the device/driver, it says it is working, but when I do a network troubleshooting it claims it must be a bad driver.

    The driver doesn't seem to have been updated, based on the fact that the button to roll back is grayed out.

    When I do a restore of my system, it works again until I do the Windows Update.

    I have done this a couple of times, once with all updates, including the optional updates, and once downloading only the critical and important updates.

    Other than doing each update individually, is there a reasonable way to figure out what is causing my issue?

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    This is not exactly the same as your problem, but after installing Windows Updates yesterday, my pc took over 2 minutes longer to start. It just sat for 2 minutes with a black screen, then eventually booted on up. I restored the computer to a point prior to updates, then I installed updates one at a time and discovered the culprit for me was KB2903939. Details are in this thread.... Windows Update Notification for December 10th 2013

    This may or may not help you - however, I have not found an answer yet for this. I think it has something to do with drivers and I am getting Event Viewer Errors 200,201,202 on startup - Device Startup Manager, indicating 3 various managers not connected...Windows Metadata, PC Network List, and Windows Update. I am working on solution, but just wanted you to know which update I am having problems with. Hope this helps. might want to take a look at this also:
    venue 8 pro WiFi Issues - After Windows Update - DON NOT INSTALL KB2903939 - Windows Mobile Products - Mobile Devices - Dell Community

    It deals with WIFI issues, which I understand you seem to have.
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    Thanks. That helps a lot!
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    I had to roll back with System Restore as well. But immediately after the download I did get a printer driver update warning - so they have made some kind of change that necessitated at least that driver change.

    My issue was that I could not get images to show in Outlook 2010 emails - didn't even get the option to download them or not. I tried just uninstalling the Security Updates, but that didn't work. So I rolled all of it back.

    I had planned on installing them again one at a time, but now I'm not being offered those updates - they show as Successful in Windows Update History. Any suggestions on how to proceed to try installing them again one at a time?
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    What I had to do was uninstall the one I had determined was the problem (KB2903939), then did a System Restore back to a point prior to installation of the updates, and all was ok. I didn't reinstall the problem one - just "hid" it from updater. I uninstalled it under Control Panel > Uninstall A Program > View Installed Updates.

    I suggest you go into View Installed Updates section and make sure they are installed - if so, try uninstalling them from there. This update was to "improve" Windows 8.1 but for some of us it did just the opposite.

    BTW do you have a Dell pc? So far it seems Dell is the maker having the most problems - my HP and Sony did not have any problems whatever with any of the updates.
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    I have a Samsung Ultra notebook. I finally realized I could download each update separately by double clicking on it in History and then finding the proper download links in the file linked to from the popup. It should have been easier than that.

    But anyway, the updates the other day revealed several programs that were out of date - one was a free upgrade, and the other I had to pay for. Kaspersky was the free one, but one of the things I had tried to get Outlook to behave was to take the Kaspersky spam addin off completely.

    So when I downloaded all the ones I had uninstalled and put them back on one at a time - I had NO problems. It could well be that the Kaspersky Addin on the 2013 version was the problem. Or who knows, maybe one of the updates was just corrupted during download.

    I'm happy to say that other than wasting 2 days getting this to work - everything seems to be OK for me. Hope you've solved your issues as well.
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Network failure after loading latest updates to Win 8.1
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