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i need windows to read my new key and not the key in bios

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    windows 8.1 Pro

    i need windows to read my new key and not the key in bios

    I was hoping someone could answer this problem for me..

    My notebook came preinstalled with windows 8 standard and now I am trying to do a clean install of windows 8.1 pro. i have a legit valid key and MS has confirmed it, but when i install using this key the product ID is different then the product ID for the key..

    I have tried installing via usb and replaced the install.wim file which was meant to work but it didnt, after install its still showing up with the same product iD and phone activation numbers, i also tried adding a pid.txt file with my key and even though it installed 8.1pro without a key, again the numbers were the different to my product ID and phone actiation numbers were wrong.. this key which is valid will allow me to use during install, but after install i run command slui 3 and then try input in the 8.1pro keys but it says key is invalid even thought its valid and been confirmed by MS.. i then tried another legit win 8.1 pro key and same thing it says the key isnt valid..

    i need to work out how to by pass the bios key so i can use my own key..

    the install does install 8.1 pro with no probs but activation wont work.

    I spoke to MS and they said i need to talk with support and they are not open until monday and im not even sure ill get home in time to call them before they shut, so if anyone has for a fix, its will be greatly appreciated..


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    Hi there.

    1) DISABLE Protected Boot in BIOS.

    2) You now have a choice - leave UEFI on if it's OK - windows will boot as you've got a proper Windows installation disk -- or "enable legacy mode". if you want to use "the old fashioned method".

    Note though if you boot in legacy mode you won't be able to boot from GPT disks so I'd leave the UEFI mode on -- the key thing though is you have to DISABLE the protected boot which can only be done from the BIOS settings. Usually Press DEL or F2 or whatever to get the computers BIOS menu at boot time.

    BTW BACKUP the installed system BEFORE you do any changes so you can always restore if stuff gets hosed up or you need to send computer back for repair etc.

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    windows 8.1 Pro

    hi jimbo if i just disable protected boot in bios will that still leave the pc as it is.. eg: windows 8 metro and all that stuff..

    i want the pc to work as is, i dont want to miss any features in windows etc..

    and regarding backup i have made a recovery disc for factory defaults, is that what you asking me to back up..


    EDIT**** I went into bios and disabled secure boot, it didnt give me any options for efi etc

    i then tried to install and it didnt work,​ same thing as before..


    turns out the key worked on my old pc again even thou i deactivated it.. and the dopes at MS talked rubbish about it being a MSDN key coz they couldnt activate, and i have a msdn account.. they remote logged in to my pc and they had no idea what they were doing..

    anyways i used another 8.1 pro key i had to activate my new pc and it installed with no problems i didnt have to add a PID file or change install.wim file etc..

    Im so frustrated with MS they made me waste a key because they dont know how to activate their own product..

    if the looked they or listened i suppose they would of realized or found out the key was still activated on another pc..
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i need windows to read my new key and not the key in bios
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