I had unfortunately gotten a trojan and had to do a HD full wipe and reformat after having tried to do a system recovery with the USB recovery disk I made when I first got my computer (new). I don't know if the trojan was blocking the recovery or what but it simply would not take and just booted back into windows bypassing the recovery all together.
So I am sitting now with a Build 9200 windows 8 but want to go back to using windows 7 as microsoft has not replied to any of my emails regarding the issue with activation if one has to do a HD wipe like I did. Build 9200 it seems you can't just go into the advanced system settings/restart and access the UEFI to disable secure boot which means I can't install windows 7 and get rid of 8 all together, or atleast can't without some other way to disable the secure boot.
Simple fix... would be put the freaking activation codes that we paid for back on the boxes, or if you don't like that put them at least with the documentation that comes with the computer. Lacking that option I'm stuck here with asking this forum for help.