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PC reboot time increased after Windows 8.1 update

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    Its not about 30 secs or 5 sec but optimizing it. MS did that by providing users with a fast boot option. Speaking of which I believe this could be the cast.
    Although the explanation might not be the best but here I go. Fast boot options acts like hibernating only that it shuts down the apps and the software which mimics a restart only that it save the other state in a file and then load its up in the memory allowing for a faster boot.

    There is a high possibility that this could possibly be the reason for the slow boot that the OS is either not saving the file or the file that is being loaded into the memory is by some mean effected.

    . Can a Software guru please look into in as I don't have the technical knowledge to explore this area.

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    Windows 8

    When I upgraded, shortly after (not immediately I might add) my desktop started to take an extra 20-30 seconds to boot. Checking event log and some help from Google, I traced it down to my scanner. Amazingly, I went to the Canon website and they had updated drivers for Win 8.1 and it fixed the problem. It might be something connected to your system needs updated software to run. Just a thought m8, trying to help you.
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    Windows 8.1

    You should give a fresh install of windows 8.1 , then it wouldn't be a problem
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PC reboot time increased after Windows 8.1 update
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