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Windows 8 Update Fails

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    Windows 8 Update Fails

    Hi all, I've run into the same problem twice now regarding windows 8 updates. Basically what happens is it will run an automatic update and restart, (even though I had them disabled, hell, I even selected it not even LOOK for automatic updates, yet it still automatically updated and restarted...) Main problem though is that once this update restarts it shows the Lenovo and windows 8 loading screen, but when it gets to the point where it should show the login screen, it simply shows a flickering screen back and forth between black and blue forever and ever.. I went into the BIOS and messed with everything, booted with legacy and couldn't find any solutions.
    The first time this happened, the only way I was able to fix the issue was to run a system restore which took an image of my last boot where it could work properly, kept my files but deleted all of my softwares. I dealt with it, reinstalled my software, and selected disable automatic updates, but it updated automatically anyway -_-.. I let it go, obviously not messing with it during an update and let it restart on its own only to run into the same problem.. a flickering screen between black and blue for ever and ever..only THIS time, I had image disabled so I could not do a system restore without loosing all of my files as well.
    However, I did a windows 8 install on top of windows 8 and transfered all of my old files onto the new windows 8 install.. but.. obviously it's bound to happen again. I did nothing wrong and windows 8's "install", is a complete failure every time simply leading me to a neverending flickering screen and I have no idea what to do.. I tried installing 7 but the BIOS prevents me.. I'm at a loss and extremely fed up with windows updates.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who attempts to help

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    Restore it to factory settings.
    You can save your files on usb before doing it.
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Windows 8 Update Fails
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