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Cannot update windows, error code 733F always

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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Yeah, ESD complicates things. It's still possible to create a clean source, though. You can install the OS on a virtual machine, power it off and then mount the VHD - the whole thing takes about 20-30 minutes.

    As a side note, complete reinstall is not required, because repair install should be sufficient. This is pretty much what you had done when you upgraded 7 to 8 - the mechanism is the same.

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    Win7 & Win8 (different partitions)

    Started a re-install, got an error message to the effect that it failed, could not delete a folder ~Windows.something (forgot the extension). I think this is a temp folder used during the re-install.
    Could not delete within Win8, used a DVD-based Ubuntu to delete it.
    Retried the install, and it came back with a screen that does not have any sort of keyboard or mouse access. Did a reboot, and it looks like even BIOS has been changed... don't get the Gateway msg to choose <esc> to enter BIOS or PF12 to choose a boot menu.
    If I had BIOS updates, I could change it to look for a bootable DVD first, If I had PF12 boot menu, I could choose an alternate Win7 partition.
    Any ideas?
    It's pooched!
    If I could load via CD/DVD I could probably blow it away and recover from another partition, but can't even do that.
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    Win7 & Win8 (different partitions)


    Attempted the reinstall, it failed, could not delete a folder "~Windows.something" (missed the extension). I think this is a temp install folder. It did a "recovery" and came back with a Win8 login screen.

    Could not delete this within Win8, "in use". Used a DVD booted utility to delete this and rebooted.

    BIOS seems corrupted -- Gateway BIOS has the option to get into BIOS updates (esc or del, forget which) or boot sequence (F12). This no longer shows. Other original BIOS messages show, but I no longer get the BCD options that were there before.

    Reboot came back with a Win8 home screen without mouse or keyboard support. 2 users were originally set up (myself and wife), went into a home with no user selection.

    I have no way of doing a boot into any of my other partitions (with working Win7 for example) because I can't choose another partition to boot from, nor even choose a DVD to use recovery.

    For what it's worth, Win7 came with the machine, and I bought a legal Win8 upgrade.

    So, system boots into a corrupted Win8 environment with no mouse/keyboard support, and BIOS options to choose others are no longer there. I have never seen an OS update or install that has corrupted BIOS!

    Currently using UBUNTU on a $25 garage sale netbook that has been bullet proof for years...
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Quote Originally Posted by GMWolfe View Post
    It did a "recovery" and came back with a Win8 login screen.

    Could not delete this within Win8, "in use". Used a DVD booted utility to delete this and rebooted.
    That was certainly unnecessary.

    Do you have a recovery disc for Windows 7 or Windows 8? If not, you'll have to find a way to burn your Windows 8 ISO on DVD (since you're able to boot from DVD) or make a bootable USB flash (tutorials available on this site).

    Then follow Use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows
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    Win7 & Win8 (different partitions)

    I couldn't do this, because boot sequence was to go HDD before DVD or CD, and option to enter BIOS no longer showed at startup.

    Ended up removing CMOS battery to reset BIOS, changed boot sequence, used a DVD recovery disk to choose a boot partition, and got into my Win7 partition from there.
    Then cloned the Win7 partition to the Win8 partition and reloaded Win8 from the install DVD.

    What a PITA!!!

    Thanks for you suggestions, g.
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    Win7 & Win8 (different partitions)

    My machine has demonic possession, an exorcism is needed.

    Did all the reinstall, as per prior thread item. Can't open any of the apps (goes to the app screen then back to the apps home page). I tried a couple of the fixes suggested in this forum, to no avail.

    Did a windows update, AND IT FAILED WITH THE ORIGINAL 733F ERROR CODE!

    I deleted the apps I wanted and reinstalled them. Every one of the installs failed, different error codes for each.

    I have gone back to using Win7, given up on Win8!
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Cannot update windows, error code 733F always
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