Hi there
A bit late -- but a bit of advice here
Before making configuration changes etc -- ALWAYS backup the OS -- so if you get hosed up in any way then you can restore and have a proper working version of Windows.

It's a real pain but under previous versions of windows you could use for at least 30 days before windows needed to be activated -- now it wants activation almost at once.

I've long thought their should be some "Home developer license" mechanism to allow hobbyists etc to mess around with their machines --TechNet was one method but even that is closing down - and MSDN is far too expensive for home "tinkerers".

What might work though is get into command mode (administrator mode) and run SLUI 3. Then re-enter your product code (key) at the Change product code prompt.

Another alternative to this is to download the Windows 8 Enterprise TRIAL -- you get 180 days FREE trial so you could do all the testing you like.