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Windows 8 seems to be activating over and over

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    Windows 8 seems to be activating over and over

    Two problems really.

    1. Maybe I've never noticed it before but all of a sudden I keep seeing the popup for windows 8 activating again. Just seems strange that it would be trying to activate again even though it shows activated on 6/23/2013.

    2. This problem is a little different. Different computer but activation problems again. My laptop for some reason last week kept asking me to reactivate over and over again. It would say successful and then I would go look and it was needing activation when I checked. It did this 4 or 5 times and it currently says activated. This one says activated 2/19/2013

    These are both Windows 8 Enterprise from my MSDN.

    Any ideas?



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    Win7 64-bit and Win8 32-bit in VM (+ others in VM)

    For each computer....

    Please open an Elevated Command Prompt window (in Start, type 'Command' - a Command Prompt icon will appear, right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator)
    At the Prompt, type

    Licensingdiag.exe -report %userprofile%\desktop\report.txt -log %userprofile%\desktop\

    (note the spaces!)
    two files will be put on your desktop -
    open the 'report.txt' file in Notepad, and copy/paste the results to your response - you can ignore the file for the moment, as it's only backup data
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    Thanks.. Here you go

      <ProductName>Windows 8 Enterprise</ProductName>
      <TimeZone>Eastern Standard Time(GMT-04:00)</TimeZone>
      <ActiveSkuDescription>Windows(R) Operating System, VOLUME_MAK channel</ActiveSkuDescription>
      <OemTableId>TP-G6   </OemTableId>
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    North Wales
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    Win7 64-bit and Win8 32-bit in VM (+ others in VM)

    There's nothing obviously wrong in the report - I see it's an MAK Enterprise license (which makes sense, with it being MSDN).

    I assume the system had already re-activated when you ran it?
    Keep the instructions handy, and try running it again prior to the re-activation next time.
    Are you using the same Key on multiple computers concurrently?
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    Thanks for taking a look at it. It's been stable since I posted this (go figure).

    I am using it on multiple systems as only one Enterprise key is assigned. Mostly VM's that I bring up and down.

    Not a lot though. Probably 6 or 7. That's never been a problem before.
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    Win7 64-bit and Win8 32-bit in VM (+ others in VM)

    It shouldn't be a problem - but Win8 has some strange wrinkles that I haven't got to grips with, yet!
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    Thanks again for the help
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    Win7 64-bit and Win8 32-bit in VM (+ others in VM)

    No problem - post back if/when it rears its ugly head again
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Windows 8 seems to be activating over and over
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